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Rock Springs Loop Trail
The Rock Springs Loop in Payson Canyon is a great singletrack ride with terrific views. This trail covers some of the same territory as the 18-mile Blackhawk Loop Trail, but at 11 miles it's significantly shorter. Starting at 7900 feet elevation, the trail climbs only 500 feet, but up-and-down riding will make the total vertical about 1800. Surface is intermediate technical.
Riding Notes, opposite the Ranger Station:
0.0    From the fenced parking, head R up the ridge
         Find the trail as the doubletrack ends
         N 39 55.535' W 111 37.753'
0.25  Trail joins Blackhawk, turn R
         N 39 55.410' W 111 37.574'
0.55  Fork R (L= Blackhawk Loop)
         N 39 55.147' W 111 37.617'
1.9    Reach road, cross to parking area
         Trail continues through fence
         N 39 54.542' W 111 38.373'
         (Ignore smaller trails, keep southwest)
2.6    Fork R and slightly uphill at trail sign
         N 39 54.155' W 111 38.337'

4.4    Reach doubletrack, go R to paved road
         N 39 53.824' W 111 39.324'
         Turn left on road
5.9    Fork R onto Santaquin Canyon Road
6.9    Fork R off road onto Rock Springs Tr
         N 39 54.398' W 111 41.624'
7.7    Keep straight (L=Schram Tr)
8.0    Straight (R=Lizard Lake Tr to Road)
8.7    Straight (R=Tie Fork or Frank Young Tr)
9.9    Fork R on Rock Springs (L=Jones Ranch)
11.1  Doubletrack, continue straight to road
         N 39 55.676' W 111 38.068'
         Turn R on road, then L 0.1 mile later
11.5  Back at vehicle

Getting there:  Going south, take the Payson exit 250 from I-15 and turn left. Head into Payson on U-115 to the traffic light, then turn left (100 North, U-198). About 1/3 mile later, at the top of a small hill, turn right at 600 East. Set your odometer now! Keep going up Payson Canyon.
To start from the Ranger Station trailhead, drive 12.8 miles from Payson. Just past Payson Lakes, you'll see a trail sign on your right. The dirt road here connects to the Rock Springs Trail 0.1 mile up. Go PAST this road 1/10 mile, and turn left across from the Ranger Station. Go 1/10 mile to park. The trailhead is at a tiny ways up the dirt road on your right, at the top of the ridge. GPS N 39 55.535' W 111 37.753'.
For the Blackhawk Trailhead, continue up the road to mile 14 and turn left at the fork to Blackhawk Campground. About 1/10 mile down the road, there's a turnout on the right. The trailhead is at the log fence, heading west. GPS N 39 54.542' W 111 38.373'.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.