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Rockin A Trail --  Moab Brand Trails
Seven miles north of Moab, the Moab Brand Trails offer a wide variety of biking fun. The Rockin A trail is a short technical section, 100% slickrock, only 1.8 miles long. However, the up-and-down  quick-turn type of riding makes it a fair amount of work. The shortest ride that includes the Rockin A trail is 8.7 miles. This is a counterclockwise trip around the Bar M, skipping a one-mile portion of Bar M to ride the Rockin A. Hard-core bikers will ride Bar M to the Bar B trail (right across from the Rockin A's start), then ride the Bar B loop before entering Rockin A. After completing Rockin A, ride Circle O before completing your loop. Or, head back to Bar B and drop down Killer B.
Ride Description, direct to Rockin A on Bar M:
0.0   Exit parking, turn right and ride south
0.7   Pass Gemini underpass, keep straight
1.7   Fork L (leave 191)
2.3   Fork R (L = Bar M shortcut)
2.9   Keep straight (Bar M loops to L)
        After 100 feet, fork L on ST
        (option: ride Bar B loop first)
        Start Rockin A!
4.7   At Circle O
        (option: fork R to ride Circle O)
        L to return to Bar M
4.9   R on Bar M
8.7   Back at parking

Getting there:
From the north: Drive south on US-191 for 22 miles south of I-70. From Moab, drive 7 miles north from the Colorado River on 191. When you see the Gemini Bridges parking area, look for a gravel road on the opposite side (east, away from the cliffs). Turn onto the gravel road and immediately go right, then right again into the parking area. GPS N 38 39.38' W 109 40.66'. The trail starts by riding the gravel road either north or south. Our ride description assumes you'll ride south out of the parking lot, counterclockwise on the Bar M.

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Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.