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Robs to Hollys Loop  Includes portion of Midmountain Trail
The loop ride described here is 13 miles long, with 2000 vertical feet of climbing. There are two shorter options using alternate trails. It's a strenuous climb, and the top altitude of 8400 feet will bother some riders. There's a section with tricky rocks on the descent via Hollys, but otherwise it's easily done by an intermediate rider. The riding options from Robs trailhead are: Out-and-back: Robs to Ambush, 4.4 miles, 800 vertical. Robs up, Ambush loop: 8.7 miles, 1200 vertical. Robs up, Hollys down, ST return: 9.7 miles,1300 vertical. Robs-Hollys, pavement, DuBois up: 13 miles, 2000 vertical.
Robs to Holly's, pavement, Collins, counterclockwise loop:
0.0   Begin climb on Robs  N40 41.952 W111 33.963
0.6   Keep R and uphill on Robs
        N40 41.824 W111 34.005
0.9   R on Robs (L=ST return) N40 41.810 W111 33.693
2.2   Keep R (L=Ambush, short loop)
        N40 41.857 W111 35.050
2.6   L on Midmountain  N40 41.729 W111 35.345
3.7   Keep straight (hard R = to Wasatch Crest)
        N40 41.483 W111 35.135
5.5   L on DT, sharp L downhill, find ST on L
        Hollys N40 40.969 W111 34.721
5.8   5-way, Holly's is rightmost
        N40 41.014 W111 34.995
7.7   R on Holly's  (L = Ambush)
        N40 41.481 W111 34.574
7.9   Straight (L = Ambush to Rosebud's)
        N40 41.324 W111 34.502

9.4    R on DT (L = up to Rosebud's)
         N40 41.222 W111 33.579
         Head for pavement east of gondola
9.6    South between buildings
9.9    L on road N40 40.992 W111 33.334
10.0  L on Summit Drive
         N40 41.042 W111 33.210 Road veers back east.
10.5  L (northeast) at traffic circle on Cooper Lane
       N40 41.398 W111 33.009
11.0  L at stop sign. N40 41.640 W111 32.863
         Sunpeak Drive. Follow road northwest.
11.3  L uphill to Sunpeak Trail
         N40 41.719 W111 32.956
         (Alternate turn R on Bear Hollow Drive
         Recreation ctr parking, trail north end.
         N40 41.781 W111 32.826  DuBois Trail)
13.3  R and downhill as you reach Robs
13.8  Back at parking.

Getting there:  Take I-80 eastbound out of Salt Lake City and cross Parley's Summit. Take the Park City exit and turn right. For Robs Trailhead, drive 2 miles on 224 toward Park City. Turn right on Bear Hollow Drive. Head uphill 1.2 miles. The trailhead parking is on the left, just before a hairpin turn in the road.
Canyons trailhead:  Exit I-80 onto 224 as above. Pass Bear Hollow drive, then turn R into The Canyons at mile 2.8 from the freeway. Follow the main resort drive uphill. It will veer left (south). Turn R uphill just past the big buildings. Look for a gravel parking area on your right, just before the road turns north again. Park here. Then hop on the road and pedal uphill. As of 2010, the trail you want is on the other side of that big construction zone. Find a way around it, to the dirt road in the canyon bottom.

Copyright 2010, 2016 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions, connections, and alignments change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.