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Mount Timpanogos

Ridge Trail 157
Ridge Trail 157 runs from Pole Line Pass at the top of American Fork Canyon's North Fork, to the Alpine Loop summit in the South Fork. The views from the ridge of Mount Timpanogos are spectacular. Most riders don't do the entire trail. They ride the southern part of the trail as an out-and-back, or use Ridge 157 it as a connector to many incredibly fun trails that link to the ridge top. For an out-and-back, start at the AF Loop Summit parking and ride to Mill Canyon Spring (where the trail encounters doubletrack) as your turnaround.

Riding options for the whole thing:
South-to-North, finishing at Tibble Fork: You'll need a shuttle car. Leave vehicle at Tibble Fork and drive to Alpine Loop Summit. Ride 12 miles to Pole Line Pass -- the middle two miles are brutal continuous uphill, gaining 1600 feet. Bomb down to Tibble Fork from the pass for a total 21 miles. Jackie (14-inch high Jack Russell terrier) made it, so you can too.
North-to-South with shuttle:  Leave a vehicle at Tibble Fork, then drive 8 miles to the top of Pole Line Pass via the North Fork Road. Ride 11 miles to the Alpine Loop Summit. Roll down the road (fun!), or for more dirt, ride the Summit Trail, then turn right on the GWT over to Pine Hollow. The Ridge Trail is easier this direction.
Out-and-Back Crazy Man's Loop: From the Alpine Loop summit, ride to Rock Springs, then turn right onto the East Side Ridge Trail. After an insanely steep and difficult descent, cruise back around to the ridge trail and turn left to head back. A very very tough 22 miles.
Iron-legs Loop (Our recommendation): Park at Tibble Fork Reservoir. Head up the gravel North Fork Road to Pole Line Pass. Ride south on Ridge 157 to the Alpine Loop summit. Head down via road or singletrack (Summit Trail, connecting to Timpooneke or Pine Hollow). Over 3500 total vertical, about 28 miles.
     Alpine Loop summit trailhead GPS N 40 25.911'  W 111 36.829'.
     Pole Line Pass trailhead GPS N 40 31.856'  W 111 34.241'.
     Tibble Fork intersection GPS N 40 27.918' W 111 36.532'
     Mill Canyon Spring intersection GPS N 40 28.432' W 111 35.226'
     Forest Lake intersection GPS N 40 30.306' W 111 34.854'
For maps of other rides that use portions of Ridge Trail 157, see the pages on Pine Hollow, Tibble Fork, Deer Creek South Fork, Mill Canyon Peak, and Timpooneke Loop. 

Getting there,  Loop Trailhead: From I-15, take the Alpine-Highland exit and drive 7 miles to the mouth of American Fork Canyon. Pay your $6 fee (as of 2009) there. Five miles later at the fork in the road, go along the south fork of the river and climb to the summit. There's a parking lot on your right just before the top of the ridge; the trail takes off to the left (north).
Pole Line Pass Trailhead:
Drive up American Fork Canyon as above, but take the North Fork to Tibble Fork Reservoir. Drive past the reservoir. As the paved road turns to go uphill, drive straight ahead onto a dirt road. Follow the rough dirt road about 8 miles to the top of the ridge (keep right at the fork), where you'll find the Ridge Trail 157 crossing the road just before the summit. Head south (right).

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