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Rhythm and Blues
Rhythm and Blues is a short loop near Quail Creek in southwest Utah. It lies on the skirts of a mesa at the intersection of Highway 9 with the Quail Creek road, about a mile east of I-15. The loop is only 2.6 miles in length. It can be a fairly quick ride for a skilled technical rider, or a longish and frustrating ride for an early-intermediate. Starting at 2900 feet elevation, there's only 100 feet of absolute elevation change, but lots of short up-and-downs add to about 300 vertical feet of climbing.
The ride starts from a spacious gravel parking area 1/2 mile from US-9 on the road to Quail Creek Reservoir. From the parking area, go to the left and start uphill on smooth singletrack. Ignore the smaller trail heading north (prominently marked with piles of rock). It's nasty and primitive, and in October 2011 didn't appear to have seen a bike tire in many weeks. At the first trail fork about 50 yards uphill, keep to the left for a clockwise ride. (The right fork is the return from the loop.) You'll head south on an undulating ribbon of well-packed white clay.
Getting there:
On I-15 about 10 miles north of St. George, take the Hurricane (US-9) exit eastbound. Drive 2.6 miles. After descending part-way down the hill, turn left toward Quail Creek at the light. Drive another 0.5 miles north and find the broad gravel parking area on the left side of the road. The trail starts on the south (left) side of the parking area.

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