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Retail Sale
Retail Sale is a fun singletrack trail just west of Vernal. This loop undulates and twists 8 miles through colorful desert dirt and rock. Altitude is 5300 feet. Absolute altitude change is 300 feet; total climbing on this trail will be around 800. The trail isn't too tough aerobically, but it will be quite hot at mid-day in the summer. Because of narrow track, tricky sections, off-camber turns, and a bit of rough rock, we'd rate the trail upper-intermediate technical. It's a fun and fast ride.
Navigation, counterclockwise ride:
0.0  From corral parking, cross road to DT
0.1  Fork R on ST (alt = 2nd ST on R)
       N40 21.003 W109 34.928
0.3  Rejoin alternate ST N40 20.992 W109 35.163
1.1  Keep R (L = Fire Sale)  N40 20.830 W109 35.982
1.3  Trail merges with ATV track
        Keep L at fork
(Got Milk? is R fork)
  N40 20.716 W109 36.093

1.4   Keep L (R=return from More Hoes trail)
        N40 20.644 W109 36.091
2.0   Keep R as Fire Sale joins on L N40 20.616 W109 35.647
2.6   Fork R (L=shortcut to trailhead) N40 20.759 W109 35.083
2.7   Fork L (R=Slippery When Wet) N40 20.679 W109 35.064
5.9   Keep L (R = merging Serpendipity) N40 20.454 W109 34.418
7.4   R onto DT
7.5   Back to parking

While we found the center of the trail firm, the raised trail-edge is soft and will grab your tires if you drift off-line. Cactus and evil rocks await you at trailside. Stay on the trail! Conditions on this trail can change quickly, due to rain, snow, and cattle. We suggest you stop by Altitude Cycle in Vernal to get the latest trail conditions. Pick up a local trail guide with topo maps and detailed trail descriptions.

Getting there:  From the View Area just west of Vernal on US-40, travel west (away from Vernal) exactly 1.9 miles. Spot a narrow paved road (McCoy Flat Road) on the left at N 40 23.427' W 109 35.752'. Drive 3 miles on McCoy Flat road until you see an old corral on your left. Park near the coral N 40 21.022' W 109 34.913'. The trail starts on the doubletrack across the road from the corral.

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