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Red Canyon Trail - Cedar City North riding area
There are a confusing number of Red Canyons and Red Mountains in Utah. This one is in the Cedar City North mountain biking trail system, in the hills east of Cedar City and north of Highway 14. This page describes a loop ride that climbs Thor's Hideout, descends Red Canyon, then loops back via the Red Mountain trails.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Loop ride, Thors and the Reds from Thunderbird:
0.0   East through opening in fence
       N37 41.413 W113 02.591
0.3   R uphill (still DT) out of wash
        N37 41.423 W113 02.346
        (follow ST designators, see Thors page
        for more details on the climb)
1.55 Fork R uphill N37 40.891 W113 02.275
        (L = unfinished future trail)
1.65 Top of ridge N37 40.867 W113 02.257
        Descend ST south
1.7   Connect to new Red Canyon
2.3   Bottom of canyon, R to parking
        R on SR 14 N37 40.332 W113 02.233
2.8   R to Red Mountain Trail
        N37 40.450 W113 02.731
3.3   Veer L on ridge, pass E route on R
        N37 40.799 W113 02.721
3.4   R on traversing trail northwest
        N37 40.730 W113 02.788
        Descend, work north on ATV track
        Keep generally R
4.2   Veer R (don't approach golf course)
        N37 41.210 W113 03.013
4.3   Enter wash going northeast
        N37 41.224 W113 02.965
4.4   R up gravel road N37 41.284 W113 02.935
4.8   Back at parking
Getting there, Highway 14 Trailhead: On Cedar City's Main Street, turn east (towards the mountains) on Center Street, Highway 14. As you pass The Red Hill at 1.5 miles from Main Street, turn left into primitive parking. Hug the mountain edge as you pedal toward the entrance to the canyon and begin climbing.
Thunderbird Gardens TH: When southbound on I-15, take the first Cedar City exit (the same one you'd use to head for Three Peaks) and turn left towards the mountains. The road will make a broad turn to the south to become Main Street in Cedar City. Turn left at 900 North (it will be just as you reach the cemetery on the right-hand side). When you reach the golf course buildings, the pavement ends. Keep straight ahead onto gravel road. Pass a couple of flood-control basins, driving 1.2 miles from Main Street. Park in the fenced white-gravel trailhead area and start your ride eastbound by the trail kiosk.