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Red Canyon Rim
Red Canyon Rim (also called "The Rim Trail") is a 4.8 mile trail on the south rim of Red Canyon at Flaming Gorge. It's usually done as a 9.6-mile out-and-back, but can also be done as a one-way shuttled ride or as a loop with a road return. The riding is fairly easy aerobically despite the altitude. In some short areas the surface is technical due to rock ledges and loose rock. The ride described here is an out-and-back from the visitors center, but you can start the ride in the middle at the Red Canyon Lodge or at the east end at the scenic pullout on highway 44.
Riding notes, from Red Canyon visitors center TH:
0.0  Find trail on your right at the start of paved loop
       N40 53.494 W109 33.619
       Keep straight past the toilet.
0.2  Keep L (R = spur from Red Canyon picnic area)
       N40 53.374 W109 33.510
1.0  Keep L (R = spur from Canyon Rim CG)
       N40 53.120 W109 32.815
1.3  Keep L (R = return path, from lodge area)
       N40 53.028 W109 32.673
1.8  Trail veers away from rim
2.5  Keep L (R = to lodge, return path)
       N40 52.578 W109 32.000  Go through gate
2.9  Keep straight (R = Skull Creek CG)
       N40 52.401 W109 31.561
4.7  At scenic overlook N40 52.341 W109 29.801
       Consider adding Swett Ranch Loop
6.5  Straight past Skull Creek spur
7.0  Left toward lodge and campgrounds
       N40 52.579 W109 32.000
7.3  Keep R (L=Greens Lake CG)
       N40 52.404 W109 32.149
7.6  Keep straight N40 52.657 W109 32.359
7.9  Fork R (L = to lodge) N40 52.631 W109 32.505
8.7  Keep L (rejoin outgoing trail)
       N40 53.028 W109 32.673
       Backtrack to visitors center
9.6  Back at car
Getting there:  
From Manila:  Drive east on highway 44. Turn left on the Red Canyon visitor center road. Drive 2.5 miles to the visitors center and park. The trail is next to the toilet, just as you enter the loop in front of the visitors center N40 53.494 W109 33.619. Alternative east TH: drive another 2.5 miles past the Red Canyon road to a scenic pullout on your left. Park N40 52.341 W109 29.801. The trail is the singletrack on the far left.
From Vernal:  On highway 44, drive north over the Uinta Mountains. Stay on 44 at the junction with 260. At 1.1 miles past the junction, there's a scenic overlook on your right. This is the east trailhead. For the west trailhead, drive another couple of miles and turn right on the Red Canyon visitor center road. Find the trail next to the toilet as above.
Camping: Greens Lake and  Canyon Rim CGs on Red Canyon Overlook (visitors center) road. Skull Creek CG just east on highway 44. 
At visitors center trailhead. BR at campgrounds. None at eastern TH at scenic overlook.
Water at campgrounds and visitors center.
Bike services, maps, trail conditions:
Altitude Cycle, 580 East Main, Vernal. 435-781-2595
Trail conditions and layout change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2010 Mad Scientist Software, Inc.