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Rattler Trail - Loop from Coyote Hollow
The Rattler Trail starts on the upper end of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Corner Canyon. It climbs south parallel to the Corner Canyon road, then forks to either descend to the Ghost Falls trail or connect uphill to the Corner Canyon road. This route starts from the Coyote Hollow trailhead. Keep northeast and generally downhill in the bottom of the hollow. As you arrive at a confluence of dirt road, find the singletrack heading toward the creek. Cross the bridge and climb the Bonneville Shoreline to Aqueduct, then climb again on the BST. Fork hard right when you reach Rattler. Follow Rattler uphill, then descend to Ghost Falls. Quickly find your way across the creek (left, then right, then right) to descend Canyon Hollow.
Riding guide, Coyote Hollow to Rattler Loop:
0.0   East from circle N40 29.612 W111 50.328
        100 feet keep straight (R = Clarks and BST)
        N40 29.616 W111 50.309
0.1   Veer L (R = Canyon Hollow/Silica Pit)
        N40 29.627 W111 50.288
0.2   Straight and downhill on broad trail
        N40 29.667 W111 50.230 (L = Creekview) 
0.3   Keep straight to ST N40 29.762 W111 50.120
        100 feet, R on ST N40 29.800 W111 50.111
        Cross bridge
0.7   Slight L onto broad Aqueduct Trail
        N40 29.973 W111 50.129
0.8   R uphill on continuing BST
        N40 30.056 W111 50.162
1.1   Hard R onto Rattler
        N40 30.181 W111 50.080
1.9   Straight (R = to CC road)
        N40 29.878 W111 49.754
        100 feet then R downhill
2.1   L on Ghost Falls N40 29.784 W111 49.635
        100 feet, then R N40 29.767 W111 49.621
        Cross bridge, R downhill on Canyon Hollow
2.4   Keep straight (R = down to DT)
        N40 29.742 W111 49.838
2.6   Cross Rush (keep straight)
        N40 29.713 W111 49.925
2.9   Keep straight N40 29.632 W111 50.286
3.0   Back at trailhead
Getting there, Coyote Hollow trailhead: Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, turn into Mike Weir Drive on your left. Pass the Mike Weir trailhead 1/2 mile later and continue another half mile until the road veers left downhill. Take the next right turn, turn right again, then left. You should now be on Gray Fox Drive. Take the next right into Coyote Hollow Court. The parking is on the right at the end of the pavement.

Corner Canyon Road:  Drive east on Draper Blvd (123rd South) to 13th East. Turn right down the hill. At the traffic roundabout, to east (90 degrees left) onto Pioneer Road. Go towards the mountains to 20th East, then turn right. After 1/4 mile, turn left into the trailhead parking area and begin riding uphill on the gravel road that was immediately on your right as you entered the parking lot. (GPS N 40 31.281' W 111 50.081').

Trail conditions and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2013