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Quail Creek Lakeside Trail East Side
The Lakeside Trail is a route that -- one day -- go all the way around Quail Creek Lake. This portion along the southwest side is 2.1 miles and is intermediate in technical requirement with some mild climbing. (The Quail Creek trail on the lake's west side will also be part of this planned full Lakeside trail.)
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016
Riding notes, south to north:
0.0   Find ST at NW corner of small parking zone
        N37 10.220 W113 23.711
0.1   L turn onto Overlook DT
        N37 10.228 W113 23.682
0.2   R uphill, leave Overlook DT
        N37 10.267 W113 23.632
0.7   Keep straight (spur from DT joins L)
        N37 10.432 W113 23.444
0.75 Straight (Cub Scout joins on R)
        N37 10.421 W113 23.424
0.85 Across dip (R = Wash Trail)
        N37 10.393 W113 23.333
0.9   L (R = Access to Scout Loops)
        N37 10.400 W113 23.323
1.2   Cross Overlook DT 
        N37 10.651 W113 23.239
1.45 Keep R (L = Ridge Trail)
        N37 10.722 W113 23.252
1.5   Overlook, straight N on ST
        N37 10.743 W113 23.237
1.8   L on Overlook DT
        N37 10.782 W113 23.083
2.0   L turn and cross dam
2.1   End. Go back.
Getting there:
On I-15 about 10 miles north of St. George, take the Hurricane (US-9) exit eastbound. Drive 2.6 miles. After descending part-way down the hill, turn left toward Quail Creek at the light (onto State Road 318). Drive another 0.4 miles north. When you see the chain-link fence of the water treatment facility, turn right onto the road heading east along the fence. (You're following the signs for the Scout Camp.) As you reach the fence corner, turn left (north) to continue along the fence. And at the next fence corner near the dam, turn right (east). Now stay straight as you dip through the old scar from the 1989 dam failure. Just as you're beginning to climb the hill, turn into the small rough parking area on the left (north) side of the road. The trail is at the northwest corner (unmarked in December 2016). If you don't see it, pedal up the road 200 feet to the Overlook trail, which will join Lakeside in about 100 yards.
Quail Overlook trailhead:  Continue east on the road and drive up to the top of the little hill. Turn left into the Quail Overlook parking area.