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Powder Mountain Race Loop
The Powder Mountain Race Loop is a high-altitude romp at the tip-top of Powder Mountain Resort above Ogden Valley. This 6-mile loop combines singletrack and doubletrack in about equal portions. Peak altitude is 9030 ft, bottom 8600. Up-and-down riding brings the total climbing per loop to around 650 feet. This is a pretty ride with fantastic views.
Ride notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0  Go R around smaller gate on DT
0.2  Keep R on DT
1.0  Keep R on DT
1.1  R onto ST, head downhill
     N 41 22.174' W 111 44.839'
1.8  R onto DT
     N 41 22.768' W 111 44.670'
1.9  Keep L at DT fork
2.2  L onto ST
     N 41 21.500' W 111 44.422'
2.7  R on DT, climb
     N 41 21.812' W 111 44.637'
3.0  R on ST
     N 41 21.963' W 111 44.636'
3.6  L on DT, stiffer climb
4.0  R onto ST
     N 41 22.224' W 111 44.706'
4.2  R on DT, becomes ST
4.9  Pass lift house, downhill
5.2  Climb onto DT, go R
     N 41 22.164' W 111 45.438'
       Rapid R off DT onto ST
5.4  Cross faint DT, climb up
5.6  L between buildings
       Keep L along edge of parking
       Find ST SE corner
5.8  ST drops onto original DT
       R to return to car, L = lap
Getting there:  From I-15, take Exit 347 to Ogden Canyon. Drive 7 miles up U-39 and turn left across the Pine View dam onto U-158. 4 miles later in Eden, keep straight at the stop sign and drive 7 more miles to Powder Mountain. Just before you reach the main resort area parking (top of the mountain, end of the road), turn R on a gravel road and drive 1.3 miles. The road forks, with a gate at each fork (left is the lift lodge and parking). The ride starts by heading R around the gate on the smaller road. N 41 22.087' W 111 46.009'

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