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Pot Hollow  (Little Deer Creek Loop)
The Pot Hollow trail is a short singletrack descent from Pole Line Pass into the Little Deer Creek valley. Intermediate riders should do the short loop, described elsewhere. Pot Hollow via the East Side is an extremely difficult 18.7-mile ride, 23.7 if you start from Cascade Springs. There will be 2900 hundred vertical of climbing. The steep and technical spots on the East Side Ridge Trail will beat you up. Done as described below, you can expect some short push-a-bike uphills and some spooky mountain-surfing steep downhills.
Fork of Road 220 and Little Deer Creek Campground road:
0.0   Starting from fork, go east (R if coming uphill) on Rd 220 
        N40 29.409 W111 31.968 - Cross creek and go uphill
0.7   Crest hill, fork L at 4-way
        N40 28.858 W111 31.871
3.2   Keep straight R (L = bail to Little Deer Creek Road)
        N40 30.825 W111 31.922
4.1   Pass DT connector to upper L.D.Creek
        N40 31.447 W111 32.376
5.7   Turn L and continue on gravel road
        N40 32.388 W111 33.189
7.3   Pole Line Pass - N40 31.900 W111 34.244
        L on ST just before road turns L
7.9   Fork Right on Ridge 157
        N40 31.404 W111 34.249
9.5   Keep straight (L) at Forest Lake fork
        N40 30.347 W111 34.861
10.1 Keep L (R=181) - N40 30.091 W111 35.281
10.2 Keep L (R = 181 again)
11.0 Keep L (R = Holman)
        N40 29.472 W111 34.938
11.2 Pass Rock Springs, Fork L onto East Side Ridge
        N40 29.472 W111 34.760
11.5 Top of ridge
12.9 PLUNGE-2
14.0 Keep L uphill
15.2 Fork hard R downhill - Pot Hollow Trail!
        N40 31.113 W111 33.981
16.8 R on DT (Little Deer Creek Road)
        N40 30.978 W111 32.585
17.7 Fork L (R = into Little Deer Creek campground)
18.1 Pass exit from L.D.C. campground
18.7 Back at fork

Getting there:  Drive to the top of the Alpine Loop, either from the North Fork of Provo Canyon (past Sundance and Aspen Grove) or from American Fork Canyon. Just 1/4 mile east of the summit, turn east on Road 24 (Cascade Scenic Drive). Drive 7 miles. Just before Cascade Springs, the paved road takes a hard right turn. Turn left onto a gravel road here, labeled "Wasatch Mountain State Park" and "Little Deer Creek Campground." Drive uphill 2.5 miles to the fork in the road. You can park at the side of the road and start the ride here, or proceed straight to Little Deer Creek Campground (fee required) and start the ride there. 

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