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Porcupine Singletrack and Kokopelli Trail
The Porcupine Singletrack runs along the edge of Porcupine Rim through a region of brush and pinion pine. (1) Shuttled Downhill:  Kokopelli trail to the Porcupine Singletrack, then down the last 11 miles of Porcupine Rim. (2) Loop:  From the Porcupine Rim trailhead, go up Sand Flats Road to one of three possible intersections of the Porcupine Singletrack, descend the ST then go the "wrong way" on the first 4 miles of Porcpine Rim to close the loop.

Loop ride, counterclockwise from Porcupine Rim Trailhead
0.0    Start up Sand Flats Road
         N38 34.906 W109 25.014
3.8    Cattle guard, first access is ST on L (fork L in 1/2 mile)
         N38 34.709 W109 21.510
4.1    DT on L, access #2 at end of DT (3/4 mi @ N38 34.529 W109 20.767) 
         N38 34.428 W109 21.351
5.1    Kokopelli Trail on L, go uphill
         N38 33.880 W109 21.114
6.5    Upper Porcupine Singletrack forks L uphill
         N38 33.706 W109 19.649

8.2    Overlook at DT, cross to ST
         N38 34.529 W109 20.767
9.1    R at ST fork (L=Sand Flats Rd)
         N38 34.842 W109 21.453
         Hike through Big Dip
10.9  At Porcupine Rim overlook
         N38 35.656 W109 22.637
.        South (left) on Porcupine Rim DT
14.0    Back at Porcupine Rim TH
Getting there, loop ride from Porcupine Rim trailhead: The Porcupine Rim Trail begins on the Sand Flats Road, reached by turning left off Moab's main drag onto 300 South, then right when the road ends, then second left. From the entry gate, drive 7 miles. The trailhead is on the left, near the small cattle-watering tanks.
Shuttle ride from La Sal Loop Road: Leave your shuttle car in Moab, or at the Negro Bill Canyon parking area on highway 128 north of Moab. On Moab's Main Street, head south on US-191. Zero your odometer at Center Street Center Street and drive 8.2 miles. Turn left toward Ken's Lake - La Sal Loop Road. At the T intersection 1/2 mile later, turn right. Climb uphill on the paved La Sal Loop Road. Around mile 25, watch for a doubletrack on the left with a sign "Kokopelli Trail." Start your ride downhill here.

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