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The Doc on Banana Thunder Pioneer Park Trail
The Pioneer Park trail is a short but fun ride on the cliffs along the north edge of St. George. This is a quick out-and-back ride of 4 miles (2 miles each way). Total elevation change is less than 200 feet. The trail begins as a dirt single-track. It climbs east onto slickrock, and hugs the junction between the sagebrush of the mesa and the cliffs along St. George's north border. Occasionally, the trail can be a little tough to follow, but if you just keep heading straight east on the slickrock near the mesa's border, you'll pick it up again quickly.
The ride is about 90% slickrock. Watch for tire-marks and small rockpiles (cairns) that mark the route. After crossing a small 4-wheeler road above Pioneer Park, the rock becomes more technical, and much more fun. About 1/2 mile later, you'll come to a turtle-fence. Most bikers use this as a turn-around spot, but you can continue east another 1/3 mile to connect with Industrial Drive if you want.
Connecting to Pioneer Park across the Snow Canyon Parkway is the Bluff Street Cliffs trail, from which you can also continue your ride on City Creek and Rusty Cliffs.
The trail skirts the cliffs above Pioneer Park picnic area, found a short distance down Skyline Drive from the junction with the Snow Canyon Parkway. This area off the "picnic loop" a good place for your beginning bikers to play, and for the non-bikers to explore fun trails among the many sandstone canyons. The picnic area connects to the main route by riding west, then finding the passage to the top of the cliffs.
Getting there: From St. George Blvd (the main drag), head north on Main Street (towards the "Dixie" painted on the big rock above the cliffs). When you reach Hope Street, turn right, then immediately take the left fork and climb Skyline Drive to the top of the cliffs. Turn left on Snow Canyon Parkway (labeled Skyline Drive on some city maps, and called Turtle Road by many locals). 1/2 mile up from the intersection, find a singletrack trail heading off to your right at GPS N 37 07.261'  W 113 35.011'. Cross the turtle fence and head east.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.