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Pine Cone Ridge - Ironman Loop from Mill Creek Canyon
The Pine Cone Ridge trail is an immediate game-changer for higher-altitude Park City riding. It creates a new and simple route from the Midmountain Trail to the southeastern end of the Wasatch Crest Trail. Pine Cone Ridge starts on the Midmountain Trail, 0.6 miles south of the junction with the Armstrong Trail and 1.2 miles south of the junction with Spiro. The loop from Mill Creek is a long and tough ride with 4300 vertical feet of climbing over 30 miles. (NOTE: Mill Creek is open to bikes only on even-numbered days!)
Mill Creek Canyon Wasatch Crest Loop using Pine Cone Ridge, Midmountain and Ironman
From lower Big Water parking, Mill Creek Canyon
0.0   ST south side, middle of parking
        N40 41.083 W111 38.906
1.6   Keep straight (Big Water)
        N40 40.683 W111 38.486
3.4   Keep R (L = Red Pine Rd Tr)
4.6   Curve R (L = Crest Connector)
        N40 41.224 W111 36.081
6.9   Keep straight (R = Mill D)
        N40 39.694 W111 35.957
7.0   The Spine N40 39.633 W111 35.852
11.0 Puke Hill N40 37.281 W111 33.723
        L on singletrack Pine Cone Ridge
15.0 Keep L onto Midmountain

        N40 38.822 W111 32.299
15.6 Keep L (R = Armstrong)
        N40 39.123 W111 32.280
16.0 L onto Ironman N40 39.328 W111 32.308
17.9 L on Goldfinger (R = to MidMtn)
        N40 39.543 W111 33.147
19.0 L on Midmountain N40 39.643 W111 33.355
22.1 Keep straight through Red Pine Lodge area
        N40 40.675 W111 34.659
22.9 L on DT, then R on ST
        N40 40.954 W111 34.720
24.7 L uphill on Crest Connector
        N40 41.482 W111 35.125
26.0 R to descend Mill Creek Canyon
        N40 41.224 W111 36.081
30.5 Back at parking

Mill Creek TH: Exit eastern 215 at 39th South, turn left. Turn right on 3800 South and drive eastbound into the Canyon. Mill Creek user fee is $3 per car (as of 2009) payable as you exit. Drive all the way to the top of the canyon. The trail begins on the south end of the Big Water Trailhead parking area GPS N 40 40.922' W 111 38.914'. (Note: the gate to upper Mill Creek Canyon is open to cars July 1 to November 1. Mountain bikes are only allowed on upper Mill Creek trails on EVEN numbered days!)

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