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Pine Cone Ridge
The Pine Cone Ridge trail is an immediate game-changer for higher-altitude Park City riding. It creates a new and simple route from the Midmountain Trail to the southeastern end of the Wasatch Crest Trail. Pine Cone Ridge starts on the Midmountain Trail, 0.6 miles south of the junction with the Armstrong Trail and 1.2 miles south of the junction with Spiro. It ascends 1400 vertical feet in 4 miles for a reasonable climb rate of 350 vertical feet per mile. The trail ends on the Wasatch Crest, exactly at the flat "catch your breath" area atop Puke Hill.
Out-and-Back:  Armstrong to Pine Cone Ridge, Spiro downhill
From northern parking, Park City Mountain Resort:
0.0   Leave PCMR parking to North
        N40 39.247 W111 30.550
        Cross to Three Kings Dr northbound
0.3   L uphill on Crescent N40 39.382 W111 30.813
0.4   R to gravel area, L onto ST
        N40 39.401 W111 30.899
0.5   R on Armstrong N40 39.341 W111 30.900
3.7   Keep R at N40 38.898 W111 31.979
        (L = HAM)
4.5   Hard L onto Midmountain
        N40 39.123 W111 32.280
5.0   R uphill on Pine Cone Ridge
        N40 38.822 W111 32.299
9.0   Top of Puke Hill, N40 37.281 W111 33.727
        Reverse direction to descend
13.0 Hard R on Midmountain
        N40 38.822 W111 32.299
14.1 L (R = Powerline), then straight to Spiro
        N40 37.964 W111 32.180
        (R = continuing Midmountain)
14.2 Join doubletrack downhill
14.6 L off DT onto singletrack
15.4 Keep R (L = HAM) N40 38.805 W111 31.623
4.5   Keep L on Spiro N40 38.807 W111 31.622
16.3 Keep L (R = Eagle) N40 39.163 W111 31.129
17.2 Keep L (R = Silver Spur) N40 39.306 W111 30.895
17.3 Hard R at Armstrong/Spiro junction
        N40 39.341 W111 30.900
17.4 Onto pavement
17.8 Back at parking
Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Park City Mountain Resort. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there. Now ride your bike back out onto Silver King Drive, heading west (uphill, toward the mountain, and the way you were heading when you first saw the parking lot). Turn right onto Three Kings. The next left will be Crescent Drive. Turn uphill. Look for some yellow posts on the right, where Crescent Drive turns left. Go R through the posts and find the singletrack on the uphill side. N 40 39.390' W 111 30.895' (For the loop ride, your return will be at the south end of the parking lot.)
Copyright 2012 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions and alignments change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.