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Phosphate Hill  Loop
The Phosphate Trail is a new addition to the Midway trails, looping around Phosphate Hill north of town. It lies on the western edge of the Dutch Hollow trail system. The western side of the loop joins a connector to the WOW (Wasatch Over Wasatch) Trail. While the Phosphate Trail itself is only 3.5 miles long, you must take other trails to ride the loop, so your minimum ride will be 6.3 miles (from Pine canyon at the WOW trailhead, simple to navigate). The big loop below from Dutch Hollow is 9 miles with 1100 feet of climbing.
Copyright 2015 Scientist Software. Trail alignments will change. Use at your own risk.
Riding notes, Loop from Dutch Hollow:
0.0  East past bathroom N40 32.709 W111 27.198
       Immediate keep L uphill on Cottontail
       Keep R (steep horse route on L)
0.1  L on Sage Loop N40 32.737 W111 27.141
0.3  Keep R (L = end of Barrel)
       N40 32.832 W111 27.096
0.6  Join Sage uphill N40 33.047 W111 27.007
0.7  L on Aqueduct/Cottontail
       N40 33.121 W111 27.012
0.8  Keep R on Aqueduct (L = Cottontail)
       N40 33.085 W111 27.020
1.2  Keep R (L = Barrel) N40 33.117 W111 27.199
1.6  L to DT (doubletrack) and uphill
       N40 33.412 W111 27.181
1.7  Keep on DT (L = to Dutchman)
       N40 33.596 W111 27.299
2.1  L onto ST, Prospect Trail
       N40 33.847 W111 27.263
2.2  Keep R (L downhill = Dutchman)
       N40 33.752 W111 27.293
3.8  Hard R uphill on Phosphate
       N40 33.012 W111 28.151
5.0  Top of saddle, altitude 6800
6.3  Keep straight (R = WOW connector)
       N40 32.749 W111 28.978
7.3  Hard R onto Prospect
       N40 32.796 W111 28.087
7.4  Keep L downhill to Donkey Ridge
       N40 32.734 W111 28.070
8.1  Keep R (L = Dutchman Connector)
       N40 32.859 W111 27.567
8.5  Stay straight (R = Luge)
       N40 32.747 W111 27.383
8.6  Keep straight across Dutchman Way
       N40 32.750 W111 27.345
       Straight again N40 32.752 W111 27.317
8.8  Cross road N40 32.796 W111 27.259
       Fork R downhill on Cottontail
       N40 32.809 W111 27.241
8.9  Back at parking
Getting there, Dutch Hollow trailhead:  From Provo Canyon, drive east to the end of Deer Creek Reservoir. Right where the water ends, turn left (north) on U-113.  Drive north 3.8 miles into Midway, and turn right (east) as U-113 turns right in the middle of town. 0.4 miles later (mile 4.2), turn left (north) on 400 East (River Road). This is the road that goes just to the west of the memorial hill. At mile 5.4 you'll hit a traffic circle. Take the first exit (not the driveway, though), so you'll turn from north to east. At mile 6.1, a sign points you to Dutchman Hollow - Dutch Canyon. Turn left and drive 0.5 mile on pavement. The pavement ends at a turnaround where the Dutchman Way trail begins, GPS N 40 32.495' W 111 27.224'. Turn right downhill at the sign for Wasatch Mountain State Park. The preferred parking area is 0.3 miles down the gravel road to your right. Trailhead info (and bathroom) is at GPS N 40 32.704' W 111 27.187'
From Salt Lake City: Go up Parleys Canyon on I-80, then turn right (south) on US-40. Just after descending from the dam, watch for River Road on your right. Drive about 2 miles, turning right at the Dutch Canyon sign. Find the trailhead as above.