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Josephite Point Trail -- Pete's Hole Loop
The Josephite Point trail is a remote singletrack on the eastern side of the Wasatch Plateau. It links two of the many lakes in the area, Pete's Hole on the north and Mary's Lake on the south. The singletrack itself is 7 miles in length, and can be done as an out-and-back, as a shuttled ride, or as a long loop ride called the Pete's Hole Loop. (Pete's Hole out-and-back to Josephite Point  9.2 miles, 500 feet climbing. Shuttled run from SR 29 to fishing parking  20 miles, 1700 feet climbing. Out-and-back from Pete's Hole Reservoir  13.9 miles, 2100 feet climbing. Out-and-back from SR 29  16.6 miles, 2500 feet climbing. Pete's Hole Loop 28.2 miles,  3300 feet climbing.)
Riding notes, counterclockwise Pete's Hole Loop:
0.0   Pullout, R side SR 29 after pavement's end
        N39 17.869 W111 17.991
        Uphill on SR 29
4.6   Keep L at fork
        N39 18.478 W111 21.023
7.7   R downhill on 005 (Pete's Hole Road)
        N39 18.124 W111 22.925
8.7   Pass spur down to lake
        N39 17.762 W111 23.246
9.3   Pete's Hole N39 17.558 W111 23.336
        L around lake
9.6   Straight ahead through log fence
        N39 17.467 W111 23.161
        Josephite Point singletrack
14.1 Walk to Josephite Point on your left
        N39 16.847 W111 19.123
         (1/2  mile round trip)
16.5 Mary's Lake N39 15.290 W111 19.257
        Keep L on DT FR 041
20.2 L downhill on 041
        N39 12.684 W111 17.911
20.5 Keep straight on 041 at fork
        N39 12.803 W111 17.758
25.5 Hard L on broad gravel road
        N39 15.965 W111 16.867
27.3 Pass spur to fishing, road becomes paved
        Keep straight at other forks
        to marina, campground
28.2 At T intersection with SR 29
        N39 17.894 W111 17.949, L to car
Getting there, via Price:  From the Wasatch Front take I-15 to Spanish Fork, and turn onto US-6 eastbound. In Price, turn right southbound on Highway 10. After 28 miles, turn right on SR 29 toward Orangeville. Drive through Orangeville and stay on SR 29 up the canyon. Follow the road around the north end of the lake. Shortly after it begins climbing away from the lake, the paved portion of SR 29 ends. (The paved road on the left descends to the lake and campground.) To do the big loop ride, immediately park at the pullout on your right. For a shuttled ride or the out-and-back rides, keep straight and climb SR 29 another 7.7 miles to FR 005 to Pete's Hole on your left. Either start the ride there, or drive the rougher narrow road 1.5 miles to Pete's Hole.

Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2015