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Park City Town Loop
The Park City Town Loop is a dang good ride. There's 7 miles on dirt, of which 5 is high-quality forested singletrack. This loop links the Sweeney Switchbacks, John's, and Gravedigger trails for a nice taste of Park City riding without spending all day. It's intermediate with a few slightly technical spots, climbing 1200 feet. The ride begins at 7000 feet on Lowell Avenue, via a short doubletrack that takes you to the nicely-buff North Sweeney Switchbacks.
Ride Notes:
0.0   Head up doubletrack, keep straight at 0.1
0.3   Fork L to climb singletrack (N Sweeney)
        N Sweeney Switchbacks
0.85 Keep L uphill as trail joins
1.15 Fork, turn hard R
1.6   R on doubletrack (ignore singletrack across road)
1.7   Fork hard L on singletrack
1.8   Fork R uphill (L= to John's at m4.4)
2.0   Keep left onto gravel road uphill
2.7   Saddle, turn L past Town Lift on singletrack
        John's Trail
2.8   Fork, turn R downhill

4.4   Fork R (L=connector from Sweeney's m1.8)
        N 40 38.415' W 111 30.200'
4.85 Cross road to find singletrack
        Gravedigger Trail
5.15  Dump down onto DT, go uphill
5.15  Cross creek onto ST
6.0    Singletrack drops onto road
         Follow road around bend
6.2    Drop down L past water tank
6.9    Pavement. At stop sign, angle across to Park Ave.
         Turn L just past tram on 8th St., becomes Tram Crescent
         At Empire Ave, turn left, follow curve around to trailhead
8.2    Back at car

Getting there: On Park City's main drag, turn towards Park City Mountain Resort. Keep straight on Three Kings, then turn left between parking lots on Lowell Drive. Keep straight past the resort. When you reach the spot where the road turns around in a loop, the doubletrack straight ahead is the trail. N 40 38.785' W 111 30.076'

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