Payroll Trail  with Corvair and Drift Trails
Payroll is a downhill-only trail in Empire Canyon in the Deer Valley area of Park City. The trail is 0.7 miles in length with 300 vertical feet of elevation loss, dropping from the Corvair Trail to the Midmountain Trail. It's recommended for advanced riders, or upper-intermediates who won't be frightened by a couple of steep plunges. The trail can be done via shuttle or by loop. The shortest loop ride of this trail will be 2.6 miles in length with 400 feet of total climbing. It also can be done via shuttled downhill.
Payroll "Laps" Loop (2 miles/lap):
0.0   Downhill from SR 224 parking
        N40 36.948 W111 30.444
0.05 L on Midmountain
        N40 36.979 W111 30.448
        Keep R (L = Drift)
0.3   Keep R (L = Payroll return)
        N40 36.825 W111 30.490
0.4   L uphill on Corvair
        N40 36.820 W111 30.595
1.2   Keep L (upper trail = TG)
        N40 36.711 W111 30.473
1.6   L downhill on Payroll
        N40 36.583 W111 30.633
2.0   L downhill (R = Drift)
        N40 36.643 W111 30.883
2.3   Midmountain Trail
        N40 36.825 W111 30.490
        L for another lap (2.0 miles)
        R to parking at 2.6
Downhill from Empire Pass:
0.0   Top of SR 224 parking
         N40 36.377 W111 30.541
         West on Empire Express DT
0.1    R downhill on ST
         N40 36.400 W111 30.651
         Keep L as DT goes R
0.4    Keep R (L = shortcut to TG)
         N40 36.622 W111 30.741
0.8    L on TG (R = out to SR 224)
         N40 36.436 W111 30.488
1.1    R downhill on Corvair
         N40 36.584 W111 30.651
1.2    R downhill on Payroll
         N40 36.583 W111 30.633
1.6    L downhill (R = Drift)
         N40 36.643 W111 30.883
1.9    Midmountain Trail
         N40 36.825 W111 30.490
         L for Payroll lap (2.0 miles)
         R to parking at 2.2
Getting there:  
As you enter Park City, follow the signs for Deer Valley and Guardsman Road. Get on Bonanza Drive heading south uphill. At the roundabout, turn toward Empire Canyon (SR 224). Stay on that road for about 3.5 miles. Go through the roundabout in front of Empire Canyon Lodge and head uphill on 224. Just after the turn to the right, park on the left side of the road. The Midmountain Trail is back downhill just above the turn. Head left (west).
  Leave the return vehicle in the parking strip as above. Drive the shuttle to the top of SR 224 and find a spot to park on Empire Pass in the broad gravel area. Start riding west on the gravel road on top of the ridgeline. After about 1/10 mile, find a trail on the right. This is Upper Corvair. Follow this trail to TG near the hairpin turn in the road, then take TG down to Corvair and on to Payroll.

Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.