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View northeast down Thayne's Canyon

Park City Mountain Resort (Shadow Lake)
The Park City area has excellent high-altitude alpine biking. The snow clears about mid-June to early July. There are more trails than you can ride in a summer, varying from intermediate to extreme technical. The best trails are found on the east side of town. Park City resort area trails are free. The ride is easy to navigate from the Spiro trailhead: just head west-southwest, and keep going. It can be a bit more confusing via the Sweeney Switchback trailhead.

Ride Notes from Sweeney Switchbacks:
0.0   Head up doubletrack, keep straight at 0.1
0.3   Fork L to climb singletrack (N Sweeney)
0.85 Keep L uphill as trail joins
1.15 Fork, turn hard R
1.6   R on doubletrack (ignore singletrack across road)
1.7   Fork hard L on singletrack
1.8   Fork L (John's Connector)
2.5   Fork L uphill on John's
4.2   Saddle, uphill W past Town Lift on DT
4.7   Fork R on ST (Steps)
5.5  Top of steps, W past Yurt on Thaynes DT
6.5   Uphill on DT at lift
        Alternate routes reconnect, keep straight
7.3   At Shadow Lake, R to ride around lake
Getting there: Sweeney Switchbacks. On Park City's main drag, turn towards Park City Mountain Resort. Keep straight on Three Kings, then turn left between parking lots on Lowell Drive. Keep straight past the resort. When you reach the spot where the road turns around in a loop, the doubletrack straight ahead is the trail. N 40 38.785' W 111 30.076'
Getting there: Spiro Trail. Drive past the parking area of Park City Mountain Resort on Silver King Drive. Turn right onto Three Kings. The next left will be Crescent Drive. Park on Three Kings, then ride 0.1 mile up to the trailhead. The trail is the singletrack next to the gravel road where Crescent Drive turns left. N 40 39.390' W 111 30.895'

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