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Paradise Canyon Loop
The Paradise Canyon trail is a short singletrack loop right on the border of St. George. Located in the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve, it connects to the paved Snow Canyon Loop and to the singletrack Beck Hill and Gila trails. Formerly a fairly technical ride, the trail has been buffed up. Assuming the "buffing" continues on the Paradise Rim side of the loop, you'll find it easy to early-intermediate technical, easy aerobic. The loop is 3.3 miles in length, with about 380 vertical feet of climbing. The trail is open year-round. In the summer, you'd want to ride early in the morning to avoid the heat.
Riding Notes, from Paradise Canyon Trailhead:
0.0   At curve in road, singletrack heads to fence
        Cross fence, keep R as trail merges from L
0.5   Fork, keep R (straight) to "Turtle Wall"
        GPS N 37 08.687' W 113 36.789'
0.65 Fork, keep L (R = Chuckwalla & Beck Hill)
0.75 Straight, up onto rock then L (R = Beck Hill)
0.9   Connector to wide-track, keep straight
1.2   Widetrack comes in on L, keep straight
1.6   Reach ridgetop, admire view, turn L (R = Gila Trail)
        GPS N 37 09.219' W 113 37.385'
1.8   Fork (straight = view, L downhill = trail)
1.9   Keep R, follow ridge down
2.8   Back at first fork, go R
3.3   Back at trailhead
Getting there, Chuckwalla Trailhead: Go north on Bluff Street until you're leaving down and starting uphill. Go straight through the traffic light at Snow Canyon Parkway. Watch on your left for a log fence and the "Chuckwalla Trailhead" sign. Turn into the parking area. The trailhead is a stepover at the north end. There's another entry in the west trailer parking area.
From Snow Canyon Parkway Trail: At bend in trail where halfway wash joins parkway, head up ST along wash. Where wash goes under road, join road continuing north. Spot trail on left side of road just before it turns. (Please don't park in subdivision.)

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.