Orson Smith and Ralph's Trails
Orson Smith and Ralph's trails are very short routes extending up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) along Draper's east foothills. These trails have become popular as hiking and bike routes since the big suspension bridge was completed at Bear Canyon. Strong riders can go directly uphill, while intermediates should take a long "ride-around" on the dirt Corner Canyon Road to the BST then pick one of the trails to descend.
Riding notes, up Orson Smith:
0.0   ST at N end of sidewalk
        N40 31.336 W111 50.017
0.3   L on Aqueduct N40 31.306 W111 49.909
        50 feet, then R uphill on Orson Smith
0.7   Keep L (R = to southbound BST)
        N40 31.216 W111 49.809
0.8   L on Bonneville Shoreline
        N40 31.254 W111 49.765
1.1   Bear Canyon Bridge, cross
1.2   L downhill on Ralph's
        N40 31.474 W111 49.568
1.6   L on Aqueduct
        N40 31.598 W111 49.666
2.0   R on Orson Smith 
        N40 31.306 W111 49.909
2.3   Back at TH
Riding notes, via Corner Canyon Road to Ralph's:
0.0   Gravel road, south from park entry
        N40 31.323 W111 50.053
0.3   Straight (Aqueduct trail crosses)
        N40 31.096 W111 50.123
1.1   L on BST singletrack
        N40 30.365 W111 50.090
2.1   Keep R (L = Orson Smith A)
        N40 31.156 W111 49.824
2.3   Keep R (L = Orson Smith B)
        N40 31.254 W111 49.765
2.6   Bear Canyon Bridge
2.7   L downhill on Ralph's
        N40 31.474 W111 49.568
3.1   L on Aqueduct
        N40 31.598 W111 49.666
3.5   R on Orson Smith N40 31.306 W111 49.909
3.8   Back at TH
Getting there, Orson Smith TH:
From 13th East, turn to the east on Pioneer Road and go to 2000 East. Turn right (south) on Highland Drive.
From the Corner Canyon area, follow Highland Drive east, then north.
Turn east (toward the mountains) into the Orson Smith Park at 12625 South Highland Drive. Find a parking spot. The lower singletrack trail starts at the north end of the sidewalk between the parking lot and picnic pavilion. To climb the road, backtrack to the parking lot entry and aim for the gravel road heading south. Water and bathroom are at the park.
Bonneville Shoreline on Corner Canyon Road: 
From Draper, take 123rd South to 13th East and turn south (right). At the roundabout just down the hill, turn east (the equivalent of a left turn at the roundabout) on Pioneer Road. Go around one mile to 20th East, then turn right going south on Highland Drive. Turn left into Orson Smith Park. Immediately turn right to the Corner Canyon gravel road. Go one mile up Corner Canyon to the Bonneville Shoreline trailhead on your right (N 40 30.364' W 111 50.094'). The northbound BST is across the road from the trailhead parking. There is a bathroom at this trailhead.

Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. UtahMountainBiking 2016.