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View west looking over the North Fork of the Provo River.

Provo North Fork Trail
The Provo North Fork Trail is a double-track that rolls up and down through ponderosa and lodgepole pines on its way to the North Fork of the Provo River. Altitude is 7,500 feet. There's about 200 feet of elevation gain over the two miles of this trail. The trail can be ridden as a four-mile out-and-back, or as a loop -- if you're lucky enough to find your way to the forest road on the other side of the creek for the return trip. Across the road from this trail is the trailhead for the North Fork Scenic Byway Trail. It's a beginning-level trail.

About mile 2, the trail curves west and seems to end at a river. (There used to be a footbridge at this point, but it seems to have washed away.) cross the river and find a singletrack curving around the meadow, then southwest. This will join another doubletrack, heading back towards the highway on the opposite side of the river. When you reach pavement, turn left and pedal back to your starting point.
Provo North Fork Trail Map Getting there: In Kamas, turn east towards the mountains on the well-marked Mirror Lake Highway. Drive 6 miles to the fee station and pay your $3. Then drive another 5 miles. Just after passing the "North Fork Trailhead" parking on your right, you'll see a small pull-off on the left side of the road, labeled "8075." Park here and grind on up the road.

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