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View down the Provo River gorge.

North Fork Scenic Byway Trail
The North Fork Scenic Byway Trail is a new addition to the Uinta Mountains. The trail is broad and covered with gravel. There is some climb and descent, but it's very gradual. Altitude is 7,500 feet, with about 150 feet elevation gain over the 3 mile trail. Most of this trail is sun-exposed, and is usually free of snow by early June, remaining rideable until November. Also called the North Fork Trail is a double-track located across the road from the Byway trailhead.

As the trail goes downhill from the North Fork parking area, it turns left, about 200 feet after crossing the bridge. (The portion that goes straight runs into the road about 1/4 mile later.) Just past the Pine Valley group area, the trail crosses the Lower Provo road. It continues to your left, but this portion (Pine Valley Trail) is still under development, and may be too steep and rough for children and beginning riders. After about 1/4 mile uphill, this trail joins the Beaver Creek trail.
Getting there: In Kamas, turn east towards the mountains on the well-marked Mirror Lake Highway. Drive 6 miles to the fee station and pay your $3. (1) Pine Valley Trailhead: Four miles later, you can catch the trail at the Pine Valley Camping area. Turn right. At the fork in the road, continue straight towards "Lower Provo." A few hundred feet later, the trail takes off on your left next to a small rocky parking area. (2) North Fork (main) Trailhead: One mile further up the Mirror Lake Highway, you'll see the prominently marked "North Fork Trailhead" parking area on the right. (3) Provo River Overlook. One mile past the North Fork Trailhead, there's a small turnout with a bathroom and a viewing area. This is the top end of the trail.

Looking south down the Provo River.

North Fork Scenic Byway Trail Map

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