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Mud Flats Loop Willow Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek
This ride is a nice 9.4-mile loop with 4.5 miles of singletrack. The climbing rate is fairly gentle and there's nothing particularly technical. This is a good ride for early-intermediate riders, but will also satisfy more advanced mountain bikers. This is a nice ride with a shady singletrack climb up the canyon along Willow Creek. There's a fast ride along a dirt-road connector, then a singletrack descent down Little Cottonwood Creek to the trailhead. The loop starts at an altitude of 5500 feet, climbing to 6850. Total climbing will be around 1400 feet.
Riding notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0    Start up singletrack at far end of road loop
0.2    Keep R as you pass Maughan Hollow trail  N41 46.465 W111 36.507
0.6    Fork L (R = Ricks Canyon)  N41 46.328 W111 36.117
2.1    Fork R   N41 46.995 W111 34.971
2.5    Keep L (R = Ephraims Cutoff)   N41 47.020 W111 34.653
3.5    L on gravel road   N41 47.688 W111 34.034
3.8    L on smaller dirt road   N41 47.872 W111 33.677

4.5    Faint trail crosses road  
4.7    Keep L   N41 47.990 W111 34.500
5.3    Keep L   N41 47.759 W111 34.774
7.1    Road turns L downhill   N41 48.148 W111 36.385
8.2    Pass water trough   N41 47.356 W111 36.877
9.3    Corral, go L to road
9.4    At parking

Getting there:  From Logan's main street, turn east towards the mountains on US-89 (4th North). Pass Utah State University and enter Logan Canyon. 8.5 miles from the canyon mouth, turn right to Right Fork Logan Canyon. 0.7 miles later, fork L and the road becomes gravel. 0.6 miles further, just past a large corral, that road loops around a bathroom. The trailhead is at the end of the loop. N41 46.508 W111 36.637.

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