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Miners Run
Miners Run is an "adventure trail." It's hard to find, hard to follow, hard to ride. But it's an interesting and rewarding ride for those who're willing to give the effort. It's an 11 mile loop on the northeast edge of the San Rafael Swell, 7.6 miles west of US-6 near I-70. The ride starts at 4600 feet, with only 200 feet of absolute elevation change. Up-and-down vertical adds to 1300 feet of climbing. You MUST have a map-display GPS unit to follow this trail! (Download file from!) It is remote, rarely ridden, and tricky to navigate. There's no nearby camping, water, or toilets.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   South on gravel road N38 58.689 W110 22.168
0.9   As road veers L, note slickrock above you on R
        N38 57.968 W110 22.443
        Head uphill toward slickrock, find cairns
1.5   Trail turns from S to NW N38 57.734 W110 22.828
2.0   On edge of cliffs heading north
2.4   Mine area N38 58.348 W110 22.707
2.5   Descending east in ravine
2.6   Trail turns back north N38 58.309 W110 22.463
3.4   Cross DT (DT returns east to TH)
        N38 58.802 W110 22.390
3.7   Dirt area, keep N, follow GPS track
6.8   Trail reaches small crest, turns E and downhill
        N39 01.127 W110 22.225
        Follow rock edge of wash
7.0   Path disappears, keep east and downhill
7.3   R on DT N39 01.297 W110 21.639
        Branching paths, head south
        Follow GPS track when in doubt
10.5 DT climbs up to gravel road, L
        N38 58.790 W110 21.978
10.8 Back at parking
Getting there:  Go east through Price on US-6, heading toward I-70. When you're almost there, US-6 comes over a small rise, and you'll see the interstate in front of you. Immediately look for a gravel road on the right, only 1/3 mile before the lanes of US-6 split to join I-70. Turn right onto this small road, County Road 1029, also called Four Corners Mine Road. At mile 6.8 from US-6, continue straight as another dirt road crosses. Head slightly uphill and the road will veer a bit toward the south. At mile 7.4, you'll pass a small dirt road on the right, which is your return route. Keep straight. The road drops down into the canyon bottom. At mile 7.6, a small doubletrack comes in at 90 degrees from the right. Park here at N38 58.689 W110 22.168. Begin the ride by pedaling south on the main gravel road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.