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Midmountain to Johns99 Loop
This is an easier ride, suitable for experienced beginners. Unlike a lot of Park City's riding, there are no gut-busting climbs. This ride is as flat and mellow as anything you'll find during your Park City trip. It's 10 miles in length, forming a lariat shape. There's about 1000 vertical feet of total climbing, but it occurs gradually on both outbound and return trips. For an even-shorter ride, you could drive up SR 224 and park just above the Empire Canyon lodge at the roadside parking. This would cut your distance down to 6.4 miles.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   Go past lodge to lifts, left downhill below overpass
        Immediately veer left onto ST N40 37.267 W111 29.330
0.8   Keep L uphill (R=Tour des Suds)
        N40 37.145 W111 29.754
1.0   Keep L uphill N40 37.179 W111 29.844
1.4   Level and straight N40 37.110 W111 30.157
        (L uphill = Team Big Bear, R downhill = to lift)
1.6   Straight (R) N40 37.025 W111 30.397
        (L = Tour des Suds)
1.7   Cross Guardsman Road N40 36.979 W111 30.451
2.0   Keep R (L uphill = from TG) N40 36.821 W111 30.598
2.2   Cross DT N40 36.882 W111 30.770
2.3   Keep L (R = Little Chief) N40 36.948 W111 30.827
3.1   Straight (L = TG) N40 37.517 W111 30.932
3.2   Keep level N40 37.494 W111 30.990
        (R down = Link, then L up = Link)
3.8   Straight (R downhill = Empire Link)
        N40 37.660 W111 30.893
4.3   Cross DT N40 37.788 W111 30.799
4.6   Keep R (Leave Midmountain)
        N40 37.862 W111 30.892
4.8   Veer R downhill off saddle N40 37.952 W111 30.731
4.9   Follow ST L (Johns99) N40 37.878 W111 30.772
5.3   Cross King Road uphill N40 37.826 W111 30.325
6.0   R downhill , then L uphill to stay on Johns99
        N40 37.584 W111 30.856
6.7   Keep straight to enter Little Chief
        N40 37.355 W111 30.799
6.9   Keep straight (L downhill = Ore Cart)
        N40 37.203 W111 30.706
7.5   L to return on Midmountain N40 36.948 W111 30.827
9.8   Back at Deer Valley
Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs toward Deer Valley Resort. To get to the upper (Silver Lake) lodge, turn left on Royal Drive just after the road divides -- before you actually see the Snow Park lodge. Drive 4 miles uphill, following the signs. When you come to a parking lot on your right, surrounded by tall buildings, pull in. From the lot, angle southeast between buildings until you arrive at a wide open area. Bike services, water, bathrooms are near the lift by Silver Lake Lodge. Your ride will start by aiming right, coast downhill to below the underpass. As you pass under, turn left onto singletrack. This is the Midmountain Trail.
Copyright 2011 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.