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Park City Mid Mountain Trail, Spiro to Canyons Loop
Also known as the "Eight Thousand Foot Trail," the Mid Mountain Trail is an awesome singletrack ride. It rocks up and down at the 8000-foot level from Park City Mountain Resort to The Canyons Resort. This 8000-foot portion of the trail is 11.3 miles long. Add the climb up the Spiro Trail, and the 4 mile descent on The Canyons' lift road, and it's 18.8 miles point-to-point, 22 if you loop back into Park City along the road. Altitude change is 1400 feet, but with the up-and-down on the Mid Mountain Trail, total climbing will be close to 3000. This is a big ride.

Ride notes:
0.0   Start at Spiro trailhead singletrack
0.8   Eagle trail comes in from L
0.9   Armstrong Bypass rejoins on R
1.6   R off Claimjumper road
3.4   Fork R
3.5   Hard right to reverse direction
        Mid Mountain Trail, N 40 37.917' W 111 32.171'
RESET to 0.0
1.7   At pass Iron Canyon, drop over ridge
4.1   Switchback
6.8   Cross creek and doubletrack
7.5   Cross paved road

8.0   Cross paved road
9.1   Cross a singletrack, keep straight
9.2   Cross bridge in meadow
        Continue on uphill side of building and gondola
        Trail on uphill side of clearing, continuing north
10.2  Doubletrack, trail continues to your left
10.4  Lift area, continue straight on DT
         Trail on R about .1 mile later
11.3  Singletrack turns sharply downhill on DT
         Joins gravel road, continue downhill.
15.1  Fork R uphill past lift
         Work down through The Canyons Resort
Loop: turn R, find paved Olympic Trail for 2.5 miles to town
Gravedigger Trail Uphill Option: Point-to-point, this is 20.6 miles. Go south in Park City until the road dumps onto Main Street. Follow it uphill into Daly Canyon. When you hit dirt, park and head uphill. Navigate through Lower Des Suds and Daly Grind, keeping right until you find yourself on Gravedigger. Gravedigger heads north to King Road, and will meet John's Trail. Follow John's to the top of Payday. Head southwest up the dirt road that parallels the Bonanza lift (on your left). Turn right on singletrack, the Steps Trail. At the Yurt at the top, continue straight onto Thaynes Road. Just past the mine tailings, turn right on singletrack (Spiro). 0.6 miles later, turn left uphill onto the Mid Mountain Trail.
Tour des Suds Uphill Option: This will be about 26-30 miles (construction in the Deer Valley area is constantly changing these trails). You'll need our Tour des Suds trail guide, and probably some current information from the local bike shop. The object is to navigate from Tour through TG1 and TG2 to find Sams Trail, which connects to John's 99, which takes you to the top of Payday. From there, you take Steps (as above) and Thaynes.
Getting there, Spiro Trail: Drive past the parking area of Park City Mountain Resort on Silver King Drive. Turn right onto Three Kings. The next left will be Crescent Drive. Park on Three Kings, then ride 0.1 mile up to the trailhead. The trail is the singletrack next to the gravel road where Crescent Drive turns left. N 40 39.390' W 111 30.895'

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.