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Mead's Rim
Mead's Rim is a short singletrack along the eastern edge of a mesa north of Price. It's rarely ridden by itself -- most riders use it as an occasional return-trail after riding Luke's Trail. The singletrack on the mesa edge is nice enough, but most riders will absolutely hate the hike-a-bike down from the mesa at the southern end. There's about 250 vertical feet of elevation loss as you proceed north-to-south over the first two miles. The trail is packed dirt with occasional rocky sections.

Ride description, Mead's Rim downhill:
0.0   Trailhead R side of road, DT
        N 39 39.576 W 110 47.943  alt=6400
0.06 Singletrack on L with rock in tree "Bomberella"
        Ignore, keep straight on DT
0.18 DT veers L, ends at meadow
        Cross to far end of meadow, find trail
        climbing up in trees, then turning to right
0.2   Top of ridge above meadow, heading S
        N 39 39.430 W 110 47.892
1.2   Through fence
1.5   Under wires on edge of mesa
        N 39 38.511 W 110 48.018  alt=6210

2.1   At end of mesa, STEEP plunge (caution!)
        N 39 38.113 W 110 48.106  alt=6130
2.25 Bottom of hill (280 feet down in 700 feet riding)
        N 39 38.016 W 110 48.160  alt=5840
        Trail may be hard to follow - head for dirt road
2.6   At road N 39 37.812 W 110 47.974
        Left on road, then right, pick way southward
        Pass behind 1st baseball diamond, turn R between
        L (south) at paved road, follow city streets south and west
        At 800 N, turn R and go W to 200 E, turn L on 200 E
5.3   200 E ends at park (500 N)

Getting there:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) onto 100 East. Go four city blocks to the far end of Pioneer Park, turn right onto 500 North and find a parking place. Now pick a route to the top of Mead's Rim:

Directly via Kenilworth Road:
   From north end of park, go to 200 E (across from the pool)
   Zero odometer!  Start north (away from the park) on 200 E
   Follow 200 E until it veers L and turns into gravel
   Go up mesa, follow road to mile 3.6, R at pump station
   Look for trailhead after road splits around junipers at mile 3.9

Ride up Luke's Trail, then proceed to Meads from Luke's top:
   0.0   At top of Luke's, turn L uphill on DT
   0.5   Keep R on smaller road (don't go to pump station)
   0.8   Just after road splits around junipers, spot opening in fence, with DT on R

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