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Mantua Reservoir Dike Trail
Mantua Reservoir is a small scenic lake at the town of Mantua, a few miles up the canyon from Brigham City. The dike trail is a broad cindered path along the water's edge. The length is 4.2 miles, and the ride is absolutely flat and very easy. The ride is suitable for families with baby-trailers and even training wheels. I suggest a counter-clockwise ride. Navigation is easy -- just ride around the lake. There are three trailheads on the reservoir, all with bathrooms. Which trailhead you select will depend on what additional activities you plan for your family. 
The southeast trailhead is secluded and quiet, with nearby fishing spots but no launching facilities. This would be my recommendation for bike-centered activity. (See directions below.) The Eagles Rise singletrack (a two-mile loop with 400 vertical feet of climbing) is 0.3 miles from this trailhead when riding counterclockwise.
There's a trailhead at the northwest corner with picnic tables. It's close to US-89, though so it's a bit noisier. It can be a good spot if your kids want to play in the water.
The southwest trailhead is the main boat-launch facility. In addition to bathrooms, there's a shaded pavilion. Parking may be in short supply at this trailhead on summer weekends.
Getting there:
Exit I-15 at the first Brigham City exit (to Logan and US-91). Head east toward the mountains, and keep straight as you cross the main road into Brigham City and join US-89 heading up Sardine Canyon. From the freeway, drive 4.5 miles to the second Mantua (600 North) exit. Turn right, then right again on main street. The first trailhead (TH#1) is immediately on your left. As you pass the boat launch (TH#2), turn left and climb onto the dike N41 29.999 W111 56.522. Now drive 0.9 miles to the east and park in the paved parking area of TH#3 (N41 29.793 W111 55.562).
Camping:  Mountain View campground, SE corner of lake
Water: Boat launch
Bathrooms: All three trailheads.

Trail conditions, permissions, and routing often change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2012 Mad Scientist Software.