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Mahogany Mountain with northern Pleasant Grove Bonneville Shoreline
The Mahogany Mountain trail traverses a narrow shoulder on the steep hillside east of northern Pleasant Grove. This intermediate-level trail must be reached via other trails -- either the steep Grove Creek trail or a confusing combination of foothill trails to intersect Mahogany Mountain in the middle -- which makes the overall ride appropriate only for strong experienced riders. The Grove Creek option is easy to navigate but steep. This loop ride skips the southern half-mile of Mahogany in exchange for an easier climb.
Trail connections, conditions, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016
Riding notes, loop with spur to viewpoint:
0.0   ST at NE corner of parking
        100 yards then left (lower BST)
        N40 22.548 W111 42.730
0.2   R uphill (leave lower BST)
        N40 22.612 W111 42.767
0.3   R uphill NE
        N40 22.742 W111 42.869
0.4   Fork L to go NW (upper BST)
        N40 22.776 W111 42.844
0.7   (Multi-trail intersection)
        R uphill N40 22.957 W111 43.025
0.8   L then straight (Mahogany)
        N40 23.040 W111 42.973
1.6   NOTE SPOT for return, keep R
        N40 23.639 W111 43.371
2.0   L for view area N40 23.921 W111 43.480
        Backtrack toward fork at 1.6
2.4   Hard R (Mahogany Down)
        N40 23.639 W111 43.371
3.3   L downhill N40 24.061 W111 43.976
3.9   L on DT (Bench Road)
        N40 23.953 W111 44.382
5.2   Stay on DT (L = to upper BST)
        N40 23.144 W111 43.564
5.25 Gate
5.3   L uphill (lower BST)
        N40 23.002 W111 43.530
5.8   Keep straight (L = to upper)
        N40 22.864 W111 43.137
6.2   Keep straight (rejoin outbound trail)
        N40 22.607 W111 42.768
6.4   Back at parking
Getting there:
From the south, get off I-15 at the Pleasant Grove exit and head east toward the mountains. As the street curves north, you'll reach State Street. Turn right. As State begins to curve southward past a big shopping complex, turn left at the traffic light to Main Street. Go through the 4-way stop at Center, then turn left at the light on 100 East (Canyon Highway). Proceed north to 500 North and turn right.
From the north, exit I-15 at the Alpine (American Fork Canyon) exit. Take Timpanogos Highway all the way to the mouth of the canyon, then turn right on the Canyon Highway, which will become 100 East. Drive south to 500 North (opposite the cemetery) and turn left.
Drive uphill on 500 North, continuing toward the mountains as it becomes Grove Creek Drive. Follow it up to the paved parking area. (Bathroom at trailhead.) The ride starts on the east (mountain) side of the parking area, heading straight up the canyon. N 40 22.483 W 111 42.721 Note about the map!  Only a key few of the many trails are shown here.