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Little South Fork Trail
This singletrack trail along the Little South Fork of the Provo River is 8.7 miles, upper-intermediate to advanced technical. The trailhead is at 7200 feet, with 2700 feet to the ridgeline. The trail is hard to navigate uphill and it's a pretty mean climb. If you're going the loop or out-and-back option, it's very strenuous aerobic. Point-to-point from the ridge above Mill Hollow to the highway near the river (using a shuttle vehicle), it's 9.5 miles. As a loop using U-35, Mill Hollow road, then Campbell Hollow road, it's 23 miles -- 14 on tedious road -- but easier to navigate downhill.
Uphill singletrack navigation:
   0.3  trail fork, keep right (left is Willow Hollow)
   0.5  sloppy steep hill, hike-a-bike
   1-2  intermittent vicious rockpiles
    2.7 down and cross to the west side of the creek
    3.8 trail hits dirt road, continue south on road
    3.9 Do NOT go R uphill on Camp Hollow Trail
          Ignore small roads that go down to creek
          Find singletrack on R, 200 feet past first trail
          Immediately cross 2 tiny creeks
    5.0 Trail forks, go left across branch of creek
           Keep left at fork after creek
    5.2 Trail crosses to east side of main creek
    5.6 Trail comes in from left, continue uphill
    6.9 Cross back to west side of creek
    8.7 At doubletrack, top of ridge
Loop or shuttle uphill navigation:
    0.0 Junction of Little South Fork road and U-35
          Leave vehicle here
    5.5 Turn right on Mill Hollow Road
    7.0 Just past guard station, turn R to Cambell Hollow
          Keep left at 2 road intersections after mile 9
    OR drive up Mill Hollow Road
    12.6 Intersection, head west towards on road 096
    13.5 After descent, look for wood trailhead post on R
Reset odometer! Downhill navigation:
    2.0 Ruin of old cabin, trail fork L (N and downhill)
    3.1 Trail fork, keep L (R goes down to jeep road)
          Continue downhill as uphill trails come in from L
    4.8 Trail dumps onto dirt road
          Ignore smaller roads going down to creek
          Ignore singletrack going left uphill
    4.9 Just as road turns L, singletrack straight on R
    6.0 Cross creek
    6.5 Occasional rockpiles next mile
    7.5 Begin climbing ugly hill
    8.7 Singletrack joins dirt road, R then downhill
    9.5 Arrive at highway U-35  
Getting there: From US-40, turn towards Kamas on US-189. Arriving in Kamas, turn right at the stop sign, towards Francis. One mile later at the stop sign in Francis, turn left towards Woodland. Drive 9.5 miles from the stop sign. Just after crossing the river, note a dirt road on your right, labeled "Little South Fork Cross-country Ski Area." Drive up the road, through 2 gates, 0.8 miles to a gate with an underground pipeline warning sign. There's a wide spot for parking, with the trial starting on the south along the fence.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.