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Lost Prospector Loop
The Lost Prospector Loop is an easy route on Park City's east side. The loop starts on paved Park City trail, transfers to buff easy singletrack on the side of a small mountain, then descends to the Rail Trail. This 7.2-mile loop has a beginning altitude of 6800 feet, with a peak of only 7100. This loop is easy-intermediate technical, easy aerobic. There will be about 600 vertical feet of total climbing.
Notes, counterclockwise loop with Freemason:
0.0   Parking on Prospector Avenue
        From parking, L on Rail Trail
        N40 39.669 W111 29.887
0.2   R on Freemason
        N40 39.753 W111 29.657
1.8   Hard L on Lost Prospector
        N40 39.042 W111 29.885
        (Straight = Masonic, R = to Gambel Oak)
2.7   Straight (L = drop down to Freemason)
        N40 39.453 W111 29.626
3.6   Straight (L = down to Euston Drive)
        N40 39.458 W111 28.998
4.5   Keep R (L = SOS to Rail Trail)
        N40 39.873 W111 28.806
4.9   Fork L (R = uphill on Skid Row to Fox Tail)
        N40 40.072 W111 28.485
5.7   L on Rail Trail 
        N40 40.237 W111 28.422
7.2   Back at parking
Ride notes, CLASSIC counterclockwise loop (7.8 mi):
0.0    Right (west) out of the parking lot
0.25  L on sidewalk
0.3    At crosswalk, cross street to paved trail
0.5    Keep straight at fork
1.4    Fork L, up to traffic roundabout
         U-turn to head north downhill on Deer Valley Dr.
1.8    Turn R uphill on Aerie Drive
1.95  Small parking lot on R, N 40 39.034' W 111 29.811'
         Singletrack across the street (on L)
2.1    Trail merges from L (advanced tech trail)
         Keep straight
2.75  Crossing, keep straight (R) (L=advanced)
3.2    Fork L  (R=to Gambel Oak)
         N 40 39.431' W 111 30.004'
3.9    Cross doubletrack
4.1    Trail in from R, then fork. Go R uphill
4.85  Fork R, straight (L downhill = SOS)
5.35  Fork R downhill onto Skid Row
6.25  At Rail Trail, turn left
7.8    Back at Prospector trailhead
Getting there:  On Park City's Main Street, turn left onto Kearns Blvd., as though you were heading to US 40. About 1/4 mile later, turn right on Bonanza Drive. At the "Rail Trail" sign about 200 feet later, turn left onto Prospector Avenue, then right into the parking lot for the Rail Trail. The trail is at the far (south) end of the parking lot. N 40 39.684' W 111 29.894'

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