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Logan River Trail
The Logan River Trail is an easy trail, close to town, where you can get a taste of biking without too much work. It's a mellow ride with a short section of singletrack to test your appetite for real mountain biking. The trail is 3.6 miles in length, and rises only 300 feet as it follows the Logan River in Logan Canyon. As an out-and-back, you'll cover 7.2 miles. The trail is at 4700 feet altitude, so it's open much of the year.
The first 2 miles is a wide, hard-base gravel track. It's suitable for smaller children, and for bike-trailers. This first section is a good trail for a family biking picnic or a bike-and-fish expedition. It ends just past the first of two large ponds along this trail.
In the middle of the trail, a sweet section of narrow intermediate technical singletrack has been inserted. This part is great fun, although tragically short, being only one mile long. But it's a good trail for a beginning or out-of-shape rider to grab a bit of singletrack without committing to a big brutal ride.
Shortly after resuming doubletrack and winding past the second of trailside ponds, the trail ends in the Spring Hollow Campground.
Getting there: In Logan, turn east on US-89 towards Logan Canyon (about 2 miles). After you enter the canyon, watch for a turnoff on the right with parking about 0.6 miles from the canyon mouth. The trail is through the gate.

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