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Little Purgatory Loop - Includes Historic Babylon Trail
This is a 6-mile loop with 1000 vertical feet of climbing, located just east of Leeds (about 10 miles north of St. George). The loop is best done counterclockwise, with a climb on the Historic Babylon Trail and a technical descent on Little Purgatory. This ride requires advanced skills. The climb is fairly strenuous, with one mile at 500 vertical per mile with a couple of tech spots. The descent has a mile of tricky rock that requires advanced tech skills.
Riding notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0   Step over at gate and ride toward sandstone slot
        N37 12.116 W113 20.930
        Petroglyphs high on your L on the sandstone
        Several creek crossings
0.4   Keep straight (R) on Historic Babylon
        N37 12.330 W113 20.958
0.5   Keep L as alternate TH path joins
1.8   Tough climb up canyon
2.3   Fence, left uphill
3.5   Summit, descend on Little Babylon
4.1   Tech stuff
5.4   At fork, L to trailhead
5.8   Back at TH

Getting there:
Note: the Leeds/Silver Reef I-15 exit is split in two, with each part 1.7 miles away on opposite ends of the town of Leeds. Southbound OFF and northbound ON are located north of Leeds. Northbound OFF and southbound ON are south of Leeds.
Northbound from St. George, take the Leeds/Silver Reef exit. Drive north 1.7 miles through Leeds and continue north on the frontage road as you pass the freeway on-ramp. Southbound on I-15, take the Leeds/Silver Reef exit and turn left under the freeway, then left on the frontage road. From the northern I-15 access, drive north on the frontage road (east of the freeway) for 0.7 miles. Now turn right on a gravel road signed for Little Babylon and Sand Cove. Pass the Sand Cove parking area (on your left) at mile 3. Pass the alternate trailhead on your right at mile 3.5. After descending down a wash, park at the Little Babylon trailhead, 4 miles from the freeway access road.

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