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Little Baldy - Southside Timpanogos Great Western Trail (GWT)
This is a mean little climb on nice forested singletrack with views over Utah Valley from the slopes of Mount Timpanogos. This ride is for advanced riders who relish strong climbing. Once you hit the singletrack, you'll grunt up 2000 vertical feet in 3.5 miles. That's a pretty stiff rate of climb on narrow trail. Seriously, if you're a beginner or intermediate rider, hike, don't bike. The route below climbs via the least ugly route to "The Altar" where trails come together, then uphill to Little Baldy. On the return trip, this route forks on to Trail 51 over to Dry Canyon and loops back via the singletrack BST for an 11.5 mile ride with 2700 vertical feet of climbing.
Riding Notes: Up-and-back with Trail 51 - BST Loop
        Starts at Orem BST Trailhead

0.0   From parking, find ST BST southeast
        N40 19.491 W111 40.135
        Alt = up SE on doubletrack
0.1   Join DT
0.8   Ignore 3 branching singletracks
1.4   Fork L uphill on ST (signpost)
        N40 19.788 W111 39.342
1.8   Keep R uphill
2.0   Straight, uphill
2.6   "The Altar" 4-way, straight uphill
        N40 20.637 W111 39.059
3.1   Faint fork, keep R (L = 51)
        Note this spot! You'll fork here on downhill
        N40 20.906 W111 38.961
5.1   At Little Baldy ridge
        N40 21.583 W111 39.112
        Walk to view. Backtrack down GWT
        (Alternate: uphill to Dry Canyon loop)
7.1   Fork R on trail 51
        N40 20.906 W111 38.961
7.9   Fork R uphill
        N40 20.627 W111 39.594
8.1   Keep straight
8.3   Keep R
9.1   Fork L down Dry Canyon
        N40 20.905 W111 40.079
9.2   Keep L
10.0 At Dry Canyon TH, L to ST BST
        N40 20.488 W111 40.575
11.5 At Orem BST TH Parking
Orem trailhead: Drive towards the mountains on 800 North. At 800 East, turn left and drive north about 1 mile. Immediately past the cemetery, turn right (east) on Cascade Drive just before the Y in the road and drive 1/2 mile, go up 2 short switchbacks, and park just above the small brown building in the paved parking area. The singletrack BST trail starts just south of the parking.

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Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.