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The descent on the Rodeo Trail is awesome!

Lambert Park (Alpine East Bench) Trail System
This foothill area just outside Alpine has over 16 miles of singletrack trails with many different riding options. The ride has an altitude gain of around 400 feet. Much of the trail would rate advanced-intermediate because of bumpy terrain, quick turns, and tight spots. The trail clears of snow by late February, and often can be ridden well into the dead of winter.

Getting there: From the I-15 Alpine/Highland exit, drive 5 miles towards the mountains, Turn left at the stoplight in Highland with the grocery store and gas station. Drive 2 miles north into Alpine to the 4-way stop at 200 North. Turn right. At the next stop sign, turn left. Continue northeast on Grove Drive for two miles. Just after a 90-degree R turn, you'll reach a T in the road. Turn right, across the river. Keep left at the fork and drive 0.25 mile on pavement, then turn right onto a dirt road and drive 0.25 mile. The trailhead is on the right side of the road at the Rodeo Grounds parking area, just below the elevated area of the arena itself.

A quick intermediate 7-mile tour:
1. Park at the rodeo arena and hit the Rodeo Trail 200 feet south of the arena. After crossing paved road, turn R on River Trail.
2. Ride south on river trail, crossing several dirt roads. When the River Trail turns back north and crosses the water tank road (you'll see it uphill on your right), it becomes Middle Trail.
3. Turn right on Ziggy, then right on Zag.
4. When Zag ends at White Dog, turn left downhill on Ziggy. Stay L on Ziggy at the ZPC.
5. Reaching the Middle Trail again, turn right, then right on the Poppy Trail. Keep left to descend the Ruin Trail. (When the trail hits the first rocky road, jog right downhill about 30 feet to where the trail heads left again.)
6. Turn right on the Middle Trail. After crossing a DT, watch for the Spring Trail forking uphill on your R. Climb to the top of the mountain.
7.  Just after crossing the spot where the river gushes out of the mountain, veer right. Keep right where Middle Spring forks off. Descend. Cross the road and turn onto Rodeo Up.
8. Follow Rodeo Up to parking, or fork R to climb Middle Spring if you want to burn some more leg.

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