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Kanab Singletrack Loops at Jacob Hamblin Park
These mountain bike loops are located on the north edge of Kanab, and will become part of a much-larger biking system. At this time 1.5 miles of trail are complete, forming two riding loops Raven and Roadrunner. Roadrunner is an easy trail, while Raven is intermediate in technical difficulty.
Riding notes, quick Roadrunner to Raven ride:
0.0   R from parking on Roadrunner
        N37 03.501 W112 31.576
0.2   Keep L (R = tech alternate)
        N37 03.533 W112 31.427
0.6   West end of Roadrunner
        N37 03.621 W112 31.661
        90 degrees L, cross wash going southwest
        (Southeast = Squaw returning to TH)
0.7   Watch for trail on R
        N37 03.552 W112 31.682
0.8   Hard L on Raven
        N37 03.575 W112 31.708
1.4   Back in wash bottom
        N37 03.623 W112 31.667
        Jog over to Squaw trail heading southeast
1.6   Back at parking
Getting there:
Go to 100 East in Kanab. (100 East is where US-89 makes a 90-degree turn in the middle of town, going north-south instead of east-west then turns again in a few blocks.) Drive north on 100 East until you hit the parking strip on the edge of the catch basin.

Trail conditions, alignments and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016.