June's Bottom
June's Bottom is a slickrock riding area in the San Rafael desert south of the town of Green River. There are many possible riding combinations, depending on your appetite for adventure. The simplest ride is around 12 miles following a simple loop while sampling the slickrock along the route. The route below includes exploration on sandstone along the cliffs above the river, and a descent down to the river bank.
Classic June's Bottom:
0.0   From log fence, northeast on DT
        N38 39.244 W110 08.551
1.8   Fork L N38 40.670 W110 07.798
3.6   As DT hits slickrock, keep straight 
        N38 41.898 W110 07.331
        Follow DT or cairns along edge of dirt
4.7   Big marker pile! L northeast on rock
        N38 42.167 W110 06.325
        Descend fall line NE
5.0   Pick up cairns and ATV track
        Approx N38 42.327 W110 06.094
        Track turns east
5.2   Track turns north
         Approx N38 42.341 W110 05.918
5.4   Turns east again
        Approx  N38 42.496 W110 05.908
5.7   Veer north again
6.0   Trail turns west N38 42.733 W110 05.490
6.5   At bottom, L to river  N38 42.762 W110 05.939
6.7   At river, turn around N38 42.822 W110 05.957
8.0-8.2  Leave return path to head west
        Sample N38 42.298 W110 06.169
        Angle toward river
8.6   Along cliff edge N38 42.434 W110 06.512
8.9   Angle away from river
9.6   L, south, uphill toward edge of mountain
        N38 42.213 W110 07.399
10.1 Find DT where dirt meets slickrock
        N38 41.898 W110 07.331
        R on DT and climb out
13.7 Back at parking
Getting there:  From US-6, get eastbound on I-70. Three miles from the on-ramp, exit at the first Green River off-ramp. Go left under the freeway and continue into Green River. At Airport Road 1.4 miles from the off-ramp stop sign, turn right (just look for the "Airport" sign). The road will veer left along the railroad tracks. Stay along the tracks until another Airport sign turns you right at mile 1.9, across the tracks. Go under I-70 and drive the paved road about 2 miles. At the "San Rafael Desert / Horseshoe Bend" sign 4.2 miles from the off-ramp, turn left onto graded gravel road. Zero your odometer. Stay on the main gravel road for 20 miles, then cross the new bridge over the San Rafael River. Note that spot! At 7.3 miles past the river, 26.9 miles since leaving the paved Airport Road, keep left at the road fork to stay southbound. 1.2 miles later, turn left off the main road on a smaller dirt road. Drive 1 mile on that dirt road. When you see a short log fence on the top of the rise with nothing around it, that's the trail. Find a spot to park. The trail begins by going around the log barrier and finding the faint doubletrack heading north.
An alternate parking spot is near the next road fork 0.2 miles downhill. The left fork is the route to the counterclockwise loop. If you ride counterclockwise, head due east on the doubletrack, then fork left again in 0.2 miles.

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