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Jordanelle Overview Jordanelle Perimeter Trail
The Jordanelle Perimeter Trail extends from the Hailstone Center on the west side of the Jordanelle Reservoir around the north end, then down to the southeast corner of the lake at the Rock Cliff Nature Center. It rarely strays more than a hundred yards from the shore. This trail, at around 6000 feet altitude, starts out easy on the Hailstone end, then becomes increasingly up-and-down as it approaches the southern end of the east shore. Most of the trail is double-track. It's 14.5 miles one-way, and is rated intermediate difficulty. Some slopes on the eastern arm may be too steep for many riders. The route is easy to navigate -- just ride around the reservoir.
Getting There:
Mayflower Mine (west) TH: On US-40, take the Jordanelle State Park exit. Immediately turn left and follow this road until it's about to drop to the water. Turn left on dirt road along a settling pond. As you pass a small hill on your right, find a spot to park. The trail is the broad path dropping off to your right. (Unmarked in 2015.)
Old Highway (north) TH:  Take the Kamas exit to Highway 248 eastbound from US-40. After cresting the hill and dropping into a small valley around 3 miles from US-40, turn right at the sign for Jordanelle and proceed to the parking area.
Rock Cliff (east) TH: Just south of the dam on US-40, turn east at the light on Highway 32. After six miles, just as the road drops to the valley floor and crosses the Provo River, turn left to Rock Cliff. Proceed to the pay station. Keep straight until you reach the small boat launch parking.
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