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Jedi Slickrock
The Jedi Slickrock is an open-riding area just across the wash from the Bartlett Wash slickrock. Like Bartlett, you're free to ride anywhere on the rock area. The stone is Entrada sandstone from the Jurassic Period. If you select and follow the perfect route, the ride is intermediate in technical requirement. But there are areas requiring expert skills, and it's easy to blunder into them. There are no paint-spots to guide you. You pick your own way.

This map shows the Bartlett riding area and the Jedi riding area in blue. Note the roads (rough! consider using your bike) that go south from the road to the trailhead. These take you uphill where you can reach the top of the mesa, which is part of the open-riding zone.

Getting there: From US 191, turn west onto Blue Hills Road 0.9 miles south of the airport.  (It's about 14 miles north of the Colorado as you head north from Moab.) Go 2.4 miles to GPS N 38 44.673' W 109 46.745', then turn left. Keep left at GPS N 38 44.053' W 109 47.060'. Go 1.3 miles (keep straight at the fork at 0.8), then turn right at GPS N 38 43.665' W 109 46.465'. Find a parking area a mile later at around GPS N 38 42.99' W 109 47.22'. Head down the wash. Go through the gate, then after about 150 feet take the left fork of the wash. About 100 yards later, spot the break in the fence with the small Jedi sign on your right. Clamber up through the sand onto the slickrock and begin riding south.

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