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Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Ladder is a unique downhill trail above Corner Canyon, dropping 800 vertical in 1.3 miles. While it's possible to ride the trail out-and-back, or more accurately up-and-down, most riders use the eastbound doubletrack at the top of Traverse Ridge as the uphill to create a loop ride. The loop is 4.3 miles with 800 feet of climbing. Plus whatever distance and elevation you rode to get to Jacobs Ladder. At the top, the trail rolls and plunges down the top of a sharp ridge, passing over rock outcrops while also offering whoop-de-doos on trail sidewalls. Lower down, switchbacks lengthen the ride and decrease the slope as you fly through scrub oak forest. Jacobs Ladder connects to the Upper Ghost Falls trail at the Corner Canyon Road for a continuous downhill romp. Or you can loop around for another go. From the Equestrian Center TH, it's 2000 vertical on a 10.6-mile ride.
Riding notes, from Equestrian Center, with loop:
0.0  Cross road onto ST
       N40 30.322 W111 50.731
0.2  L uphill (routes rejoin later)
       N40 30.234 W111 50.636
0.4  Fork R (L = up to roads)
       N40 30.098 W111 50.394
0.8  Join DT, keep R uphill
0.9  Spot ST straight ahead
       N40 29.818 W111 50.136
       Keep R straight (L=BST)
       N40 29.800 W111 50.115
1.0  L on DT
       N40 29.764 W111 50.118
1.1  L on ST
       N40 29.767 W111 50.023
1.2  Fork R (L goes to BST)
       N40 29.838 W111 49.908
1.3  L uphill (R goes to pipeline trail)
       N40 29.794 W111 49.785

1.7   Keep L (R = to pipeline tr)
        N40 29.766 W111 49.621
2.0   Ghost Falls N40 29.754 W111 49.300
2.1   Fork L uphill (R = to pipeline)
        N40 29.740 W111 49.304
2.7   R on CC Road (ride past Jacobs)
        N40 29.666 W111 49.037
3.7   L (east) on Peak View
        N40 29.140 W111 49.312
5.3   L on DT, stiff climb
        N40 29.523 W111 48.188
5.6   Fork L onto ST descent
        N40 29.666 W111 47.987
6.9   At CC Road, another loop vs down
10.6 Back at parking

Getting there, Equestrian TH:  Leave I-15 at the Bluffdale exit and go east on Highland Drive. Stay on Highland until you reach the parking area for the Lynn Ballard ball park on your left. To find the trail, go to the west end of the parking area near the trail kiosk. Drop down the hill and turn left into the tunnel under the road. After climbing out of the tunnel, turn left and climb back up. Or cross the street to the ST at the sidewalk. The uphill trail is directly across from the entrance into the parking area.

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