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Iron Wash  (Twin Knolls to Blue Trail)
Iron Wash is an 18.4 mile loop in the San Rafael Swell. It offers a bit of cruising, some deliciously technical rock singletrack, an ATV-track grind, and some "castle country" vistas. Peak altitude is 6800, bottom 6000, but there's a lot of up-and-down riding. The Red Trail portion of this loop requires good skills and strong legs. There are some short but brutal climbs and very technical descents. This loop is quite strenuous, and we recommend it only for well-conditioned advanced-technical riders.
Trail notes:
0.0    Head east on DT
         N 38 47.340' W 110 42.583'
0.5    Keep straight (L)
1.4    Fork R (L = return)
         N 38 47.232' W 110 41.513'  alt=6700'
3.0    DT ends, sign-in trail box
         N 38 46.200' W 110 40.865'
         Straight S on ST, follow red dashes
4.0    Keep straight - R (red dashes) at sign
         N 38 45.780' W 110 40.190'
6.0    Cement Hill. Drop into wash and turn L
6.7    Climb R out of Iron Wash

         N 38 44.812' W 110 38.685' alt=6020
7.1    Fork R onto Orange Trail
         N 38 44.700' W 110 38.497'
8.2    Fork R onto Blue Trail
         N 38 44.420' W 110 39.011'
         Alternate: continue (L) on Orange
                            fork R on Green Trail at mile 11
12.0  Green Trail joins on L, keep straight
         N 38 45.032' W 110 42.239' alt=6580
15.3  R on gravel road
         N 38 46.049' W 110 44.839' alt=6800
         Keep straight (R) at intersections
18.3  R on trailhead doubletrack
18.4  Back at car
Getting there:  On US-6 approaching Green River, turn right (westbound) on I-70. Drive 25 miles and exit at Ranch Exit 131 (formerly exit 129). Turn left under the freeway, then veer right with the road. Keep straight at all intersections. Note a first cattle guard at mile 3.2. After crossing a second cattle guard at 6.7, descend and turn left on a small road at mile 7.6. Park on the left 0.1 mile down the road, just before the wash, N 38 47.340' W 110 42.583'. Begin the ride by continuing on the road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.