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Willard Mountain to Ben Lomond - AKA: Inspiration Point, Ben Lomond North, Willard Basin, Willard Peak Trail
This is a unique ride. First of all, there are views. Wow. Add mountain-goat-steep slopes that fall a vertical mile from your wheels. Enough to give a hardened rider the heebie-jeebies. And then there's the epic nature of this ride. If you follow our description, you're doing 29 miles and 5800 vertical feet of climbing. You'll finish at 9700 feet elevation at the top of Ben Lomond Peak. You can skip 1.3 miles (each way) of paved road if you park at the trailer-parking pullout near the canyon, rather than in Mantua. If you're determined to skip part of the DT, consider parking at the Dock Flat campground (save about 3 miles each way), or bouncing all the way up to Perry Reservoir (save 7.5 miles each way).
The whole big ride, starting at the reservoir:
0.0   Head south on pavement
        N41 23.487 W111 58.595
0.6   Keep straight
1.3   Trailer parking on L
        N41 28.952 W111 56.513
3.0   Camping area, keep L at major fork
        N41 27.830 W111 56.564
4.6   Fork R (road gets rougher)
        N41 26.829 W111 56.500
7.6   Pass Perry Reservoir (road very rough)
        CG = N41 25.629 W111 57.877
9.8   Ridge top, cross and descend
        N41 24.658 W111 58.135
        (Ignore roads on R and L)
11.3 Pass alternate TH on L
        N41 23.487 W111 58.595
11.4 Turn L at log fence, climb ST
        N41 23.489 W111 58.699
11.8 Keep L and head up hill
12.2 Straight 100 yards
        N41 23.147 W111 58.869
        Hard L turn
        N41 23.188 W111 58.865
        Keep L uphill
12.3 Rejoin "shortcut route"
        N41 23.108 W111 58.814
        Switchback R uphill
14.2 Keep L (R=shortcut)
14.4 Meet Ben Lomond trail, go R up rocks
        N41 21.807 W111 57.637
        Summit N41 21.792 W111 57.644
28.9 Back in Mantua
Getting there:  From I-15, take the Brigham City 1100 South exit. Continue straight onto US-91 and enter the canyon. 3.5 miles later, take the first Mantua exit. As you reach the main street, either veer left and drive 0.4 miles to parking (with bathrooms) at the lake N41 23.487 W111 58.595, or turn right and go 0.9 miles until you see a wide gravel area on the left side of the road N41 28.952 W111 56.513. This is where the ATV and motorcycle riders park their trailers, and it makes a fine trailhead for you, too.
Copyright 2008 Mad Scientist Software Inc.  Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.