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Hog Canyon Loop
This ride is entirely on an OHV trail system. It's a very taxing ride with a lot of tough climbing, much of it on sand. A fat-tire bike is highly recommended. It's only for very conditioned, strong, and adventurous riders. The lariat loop is 14.3 miles with a bit over 3000 feet of total climbing. Top altitude is 6000 feet.
Riding notes, Hog Canyon Rim loop:
0.0   From US-89, east on dirt road
        N37 04.734 W112 32.295
0.8   Pass alternate TH N37 04.981 W112 31.594
1.7   Fork R uphill N37 05.314 W112 30.845
3.1   Fork L (R1) N37 04.309 W112 30.592
3.2   Fork R (R3) N37 04.323 W112 30.549
5.1   Fork R (L = bail out to make small loop)
        N37 04.271 W112 29.964
5.4   Fork L (R = to Tom's South Rim)
        N37 04.178 W112 29.711
5.8   Fork L (R = to Tom's South Rim)
        N37 04.301 W112 29.535
6.9   Fork L (R = Pugh Canyon Rim)
        N37 04.288 W112 28.753
9.6   Keep L N37 05.125 W112 29.855
10.7 Fork R (R1) N37 04.388 W112 30.112
11.2 Keep L N37 04.323 W112 30.549
        then go R downhill
14.3 Back at parking
Getting there:
From Kanab, head north on US-89. Just over two miles from Kanab's Center Street, turn right into Hog Canyon. For the full ride as described above, immediately find a spot to park and begin riding east on the dirt road. For a slightly shorter ride, drive 0.8 miles up the road to the secondary parking.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016