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Don't even THINK about stopping. Hog Hollow Trail
The Hog Hollow Road begins at the northwest corner of Alpine and climbs to Traverse Ridge, where you can look north over the Salt Lake Valley, and south over Utah Valley. It's a nice 4-mile climb (1000 vertical feet). A worthwhile, easy-technical hillclimb in the summer, this road becomes RAD for advanced off-season biking. While other trails are buried in the snow, Hog Hollow is a different ride every day: one day it's an easy cruise on hard-pack snow; the next it's a gooey mud slop-fest. One day it's a slush-digging fishtailing corn-snow ride; the next day it's a raging torrent of muddy water over hard ice ledges. At the top of the ridge, you can admire the view over the Salt Lake Valley to the north.
Hog Hollow riding notes, from Burgess Park:
0.0   Parking in Burgess Park
        Head back (south) to Canyon Crest
0.1   R on Canyon Crest
0.4   L on Long Drive
0.6   R on Ranch Drive
0.9   Cross Westfield Road onto DT
        N40 26.924 W111 47.706
1.1   Fork R   N40 27.017 W111 47.839
1.8   Straight then veer L uphill
        N40 27.616 W111 47.866
2.2   Rejoin old HH Road, straight
        N40 27.904 W111 48.241
4.0   R onto Porcupine
        N40 28.929 W111 49.034
4.9   Top! Straight on Peak View
        N40 29.295 W111 48.888
5.6     Peakview TH

Getting there, Westfield Road (lower Hog Hollow trail):  If you're parking (or pedaling) on Westfield Road, the trail is 0.7 miles west of the stop sign where Westfield ends on 200 North in Alpine. Spot the metal gate on the north side of the road near the school crossing. The doubletrack that heads uphill through the gate is the lower Hog Hollow trail.
Beacon Hill Park (bottom of Hog Hollow Creek): 
From Westfield Road, turn north uphill on Beacon Hill Blvd. Drive 0.5 miles, and just after the road turns to the east, turn right into the parking area above Beacon Hill Park. The Hog Hollow Creek trail will be on the north side of the road (across the street from, and just east of the parking lot).
Angel Gate at Spring Hollow (upper Hog Hollow and top of Hog Hollow Creek):
On Westfield Road, turn uphill (north) on Beacon Hill Blvd. Drive 0.5 miles, then as Beacon Hill turns to the right (east), turn left on Lighthouse Drive to continue straight north uphill. Lighthouse will become Angel Gate. Keep straight until you pass the irrigation facility, then park. At the northeast corner of the fence, a doubletrack descends east across the hollow. Immediately after crossing the creek, turn left on Hog Hollow.

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