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Hobble Creek Paved Trail
This is a paved trail, great for family rides. Ride it as an out-and-back (up the canyon and back down). It's 4.5 miles each way, but you can drive uphill to several alternate parking spots for a shorter ride. The slope is easy, except for one short section (100 yards) where the climb is stiff enough that little guys without gears will walk. Total elevation gain is only 350 feet. The ride starts in a residential area of Springville, with the paved trail in place of sidewalk along the Hobble Creek Canyon road. The first 3/4 mile seems more like in-town riding, then you cruise past manicured areas with mansions as you enter the canyon. It's only as you approach the reservoir that you're actually riding "in the woods."
This is a great trail for kiddies in bike-trailers. At mile 3.2, there's a steeper spot that will take a bit of muscle to climb if you're pulling a trailer. Little guys with training wheels or single-gear bikes will probably need to walk this slope. (Once you're to the top of this 100-yard climb, it's easy going again.) The rest is pretty cushy. Just enough occasional change in slope for beginning riders to practice changing gears.
At mile 2.8, there's a large parking lot, with a picnic table. This is a good parking area for short exploration rides with training-wheel riders.

Distances from "official start"
1.5  Reservoir
2.8  Parking - Picnic
3.2  Cross road, begin short climb
4.5  End at road fork - Rotary Park
GPS Coordinates:
  Start:  N 40 09.25 W 111 34.78, altitude 4800
  Reservoir:  N 40 09.185 W 111 32.704, altitude 4950
  Upper Parking-Picnic:  N 40 09.461 W 111 31.836
  End:  N 40 09.849 W 111 30.071, altitude 5140
Getting there:  Take the 400 South Springville exit (260) from I-15, turning east on U-77. Go straight through Springville. As you begin to climb the foothills, you'll come to a 4-way stop. Turn right (southward) towards Hobble Creek Canyon. The road will begin to veer back to the east. As it turns eastward, a road comes in from the right (south side), and you'll notice that the sidewalk on your right has become a wide paved path. This is where the trail starts. Alternately, you can drive 1/4 to 1/2 mile up the road to find alternate parking.

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