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Hidden Valley Trail
This trail will not be your Moab favorite. It's rarely done as a stand-alone trail because of a miserable 1/3 mile bike portage. Its purpose is to offer a connection to the Moab Rim trail for those who absolutely MUST do a loop ride. The Hidden Valley trail is 3.2 miles long. Located on the west side of the Moab Valley at the southern edge of town, the trail climbs 700 feet to the top of the cliffs. 300 feet of this climb is done in an ugly 1/3-mile rock-scramble, tough either uphill or downhill.
Riding notes, clockwise loop w road return:
0.0    Southwest from trailhead N38 31.906 W109 31.033
0.4    Begin riding bike
2.2    Steep uphill, crest and descend ST
2.9    WSA border, R and uphill N38 32.613 W109 33.430
3.0    L downhill on DT (R = view) N38 32.655 W109 33.346
3.2    R on Moab Rim (straight L = return trail)
         N38 32.727 W109 33.532
4.0    At viewpoint, look and turn around
         N38 32.907 W109 32.918
4.8    Back at fork, go R N38 32.727 W109 33.532
5.1    Keep L (R=to alternate) N38 32.865 W109 33.719
5.4    Keep L (R=sandy alternate route) 
         N38 32.909 W109 33.990
6.7    Keep L (R=alternate rejoins) N38 33.454 W109 34.279
7.6    Top of Rim, viewpoint beyond cable
8.5    Moab Rim Trailhead, R on road
         N38 33.521 W109 34.997
10.5  Pipe Dream ST on R (5th West)
         N38 34.128 W109 33.680
         Alternate N38 33.899 W109 33.424
11.3  R on US-191 N38 33.824 W109 32.990
14.5  R toward Hidden Valley TH
15.0  Back at car
Getting there, Hidden Valley TH:
On Main Street (US 191) in Moab, head south. At Kane Creek Blvd (McDonalds on corner), zero your odometer and drive 3.2 miles south on 191. Watch for a Hidden Valley Trailhead sign on your right. Follow this road 1/2 mile to the trailhead parking. The Pipe Dream trail is in the southwest corner of the parking area.

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