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Dominic on the slickrock tabletop Hidden Canyon North Trail
The Hidden Canyon North trail is found on the Blue Hills Road, 18 miles north of Moab.  After a half mile of dirt road, you encounter broad slickrock playgrounds.   This is a great place to cruise around and waste time!  It's fun even for beginning riders. The whole loop is around 7.5 miles, low-intermediate technical difficulty and moderate-to-novice aerobic requirement. This trail doesn't see a lot of riders. Depending on the status of the rockpiles (cairns) that mark the trail, it can be harder to navigate than other Moab trails.
Riding notes:
0.0   From the parking area, continue south on DT
0.3   Keep R through fence, begin climb
0.6   Keep L (R = return from slickrock)
0.9   Stay R and curve around onto open rock
1.4   Continue SW
        Note crossover spot on ridge for return trip
1.8   Find DT at end of slickrock, curve south
     Pass through ravine
       ST option to DT, on your left on uphill
3.5   Keep straight
3.7   At edge of canyon
        Ride east or west along rim on DT
On return, (original m1.4) cross L over ridge
Work downward and NE to DT, turn R
Fork L at junction with outward DT
Hidden Canyon North Trail Map Getting there: Drive south on US-191 for 15 miles south of I-70 (about 16 miles north of Moab). Turn west (right) onto the dirt Blue Hills Road. After 2.4 miles, turn left (south) at GPS N 38 44.673' W 109 46.745'. Keep right at the next intersection, and right again on the Hidden Canyon road at GPS N 38 43.753' W 109 47.186'. Find a parking area on your right. Head down the road until it climbs up the slickrock about 1/2 mile later. Small rock piles (cairns) mark the route. 

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.